Basement apartment ideas


Basement apartment? Hell, yeah! A great feature to have in a home is a basement.
This gives you a lot of extra space that you can turn into something else such as a bonus room, bedroom, in-law quarters, or an apartment.

If you choose an apartment you could rent it out. This can add extra money to your budget and help with your mortgage payments.

With clever design and construction any challenge that may arise when changing a basement into an apartment can be solved.

Hiring an experienced contractor to help you with the renovation is something that I recommend doing. The value of the property can increase if the renovation is done correctly.

This will make the short-term investment worth it and it can create a new income for you when you rent it. A real estate agent in your area can help you find out exactly how much you should be investing to get the most return on your money.

A bunch of decorating challenges can arise in basements like low ceilings and little natural light. Also, dampness and flooding can be an issue.
Basements can be treasures that most people do not utilize.


Door or egress window

A basement apartment that has a separate entrance is called a walkout basement. This is usually appreciated by the homeowners. A code requirement for any bedroom is to have an exterior door or an egress window so that the occupants can have an escape route in case of a fire.

You may need to make a window opening larger to meet egress specifications if your basement does not have an exterior door.

A contractor who specializes in full-service basement finishing can advise you on the egress specifications requirements. They will also be able to tell the best place to install an egress window or exterior door.

Plumbing and electrical

A bathroom and kitchen are needed for basement apartments to act as a separate living area. An electrician will need to install at least two circuits in your house’s electrical panel. There will be one for lights and one for plug-ins to meet the electrical requirements.

A high-performance pump and self-contained toilet makes you able to install a basement apartment bathroom without extensive cutting into the basement slab. This is great news for having to add new plumbing.


Basement finishing or remodelling generalist

You will need to come up with a plan to finish your basement. This is the first step in the renovation process. The next step is to hire a professional to get the work done. Hire somebody who works in basements all the time to get the best results.

There is variety of work that needs to be done everything from waterproofing and egress window to plumbing, electrical and insulation. A basement finishing specialist can handle these jobs for you.

With a professional doing the job you will be able to ensure that best material and installation techniques will be used. The will create a comfortable and attractive new space. Since it is done by a professional it will stay that way a long time.


Washer & Dryer appliances

A good way to make your apartment more marketable is to add a washer and dryer to space. Using stackable models will save you space.



A nice focal point for a basement apartment is to add a gas-fired fireplace. You can make it appealing by adding a beautiful surrounding to it. You can eliminate the expense of a chimney by using a sealed-combustion model that can vent through an exterior wall.

Closet & storage

Renters appreciate big closets and lots of storage space. Having these spaces will make it easy to keep the basement apartment clean and organized.



One of the most obvious basement lighting solutions is adding light to get rid of darkness. You would that this would be a simple task, but it is not. It is impossible to reproduce natural light.

The airy quality of natural light can not be duplicated by artificial light. Artificial light does not make a space seem open and airy.

Trying to add too much light can have the opposite effect. It can make room seem small. Fluorescent lights are bright but can make everything look ugly and oversaturated, just think of your doctor’s office.

Natural light on the other hand has a unique beauty about it. It is always changing and connecting with its environment. Putting up a slow-moving strobe light is not something that I am recommending.

That could induce seizures and its just creepy. Strategically place artificial lighting throughout a room to act like natural light.

This will create expansive highlights and lowlights this allow for defining certain areas within a space. This will make the basement apartment feel airy. To achieve this use lighting, lamps, and up-lighting with full spectrum bulbs.



Color has the same principles that natural light has. Brightness is more crucial than lightness. Painting the walls white is fine to do. To create contrast, add pops of color throughout the room.
Painting a basement apartment with a dark and bright color is not something that I would recommend. You can mix bright colors like burgundy or chocolate brown with lighter colors. Do not make a space look crowded with busy patterns or colorful wallpaper.


Looking Glass

One for sure way to make a space look bigger is by using a mirror. Do not worry you do not have to install mirrored sliding doors to do this effect. The way to do this is by using simple framed mirrors and place them where they make sense.
You can add depth to a room by using any kind of reflective material. In the center of the rooms we placed silver lamps and tables to create this effect. In kitchen, all of the appliances are stainless steel. To create a full area below the stove, the steel continues outside of the appliances.



It is important to make all rooms clutter free, however, it is necessary in an area that does not have natural light. By having enough storage, you will be able to keep counter-tops clear of stuff. Using closed storage so there is a sleek disguise.
Let’s look at the use of cabinetry in the first picture. You do not need to place furnishings in every available space. Do no clutter up the walls. Draw the eye to one area with a few fabulous pieces of art. Another trick to making a room look spacious is by placing the furniture in the middle of the room.



You can use drapes in several different ways. A crucial look of contrast is by using bright drapes against a light wall. To make a space look to taller hang floor to ceiling drapes.
By using this vertical space, you will make the room feel less cramped. Another one of the many basement apartment ideas is to create a fake window. To create the illusion of natural light, hang sheer curtains with a light behind them.


Hang Big Art

Pick a big piece of breath-taking art to hang in your basement apartment, this will represent your aestheticize. A bunch of little pieces of art will repress the eye. You need to place it distinctly above the sofa or on the wall that you see when you walk in the door.
If you are thinking the art will make your space feel small, just the opposite is true. It will make your space feel larger. There is a gigantic C’era Una Volta Il Westoriginal 1968 Italian movie poster hanging above the couch in my small apartment, it defines the entire room. In space that is even smaller like a basement this is needed.

Entire Height of a Wall

I totally support the rule of hanging wall art at eye level. You really need to use everything to the fullest when you are working an area that is underground.
This means hanging art above and below the art that you hung at eye level. Take shelves all the way to the ceiling when installing them. To reflect around the room and make a room feel airy hang a mirror up high.


Ending thoughts on basement apartment ideas

People in the city are finding inexpensive ways to live while the economy is slowly moving along. Some have chosen to relocate out of the city, others have chosen to relocate underground.
What was once thought of as dark and unattractive, English basement apartments are now wanted by people with a small budget who wish to stay located in the city. By using these small basement apartment ideas you will create a gorgeous place that any renter will love.

18 Design Ideas to Make Your Deck a Destination

Whatever its dimensions expansive or small, narrow or wide a deck is the ideal place to kick back and relax outdoors. But if you don’t make the most of your deck, it can end up being just a bland stretch of wood wasted space rather than the attractive destina.


Raise the Bar

Build along the outer edges of an enclosed deck to create an all-purpose beverage station. Use wooden boards that match the tone of the existing structure, and attach them to the interior ledge so that the bar seamlessly blends in with its surroundings while serving up a twist on the ordinary.

Pretty Pergola

While an open-air deck makes a happy addition to any home, outfitting it with a pergola can transform it into a regal retreat. This DIY version, made from pressure-treated wood, is painted a sleek ivory for a classic finish that lends alfresco gatherings an elegant flair.


Go Green

The easiest way to add color and interest to a drab deck is to display your homegrown plants, succulents, and flowers in interesting arrangements and at varying heights. Here, a collection of chic pots spruce up the floor, while vibrant hanging baskets make the deck feel both fuller and brighter.


The Power of Paint

Even if you’re stuck with a deck of diminutive dimensions, you can still create the illusion of space. A fresh coat of paint that closely matches the exterior of your home can make the deck seem more expansive and cohesive—more like an integral extension of the house than a bulky stand-alone extra.

Privacy, Please

A wood-slat screen can afford you all the seclusion you crave without sacrificing style. This white-painted version helps to distinguish the dining room-playroom combo from the rest of the house, creating an outdoor area that feels private, yet open to the natural surroundings.



Narrow Escape

An abundance of furniture and accessories can give an instant upgrade to a dull but ample deck. But in a narrow structure wedged into a tight yard, large furnishings and fixtures subtract from both space and style opportunities. To elevate narrow confines, pair compact furniture with minimalist accents—for example, the small, circular dining set and duo of dark-colored planters shown here—for an eye-pleasing result that feels streamlined, not squished.

Side Yard Save

Plagued by size constraints and a lack of creative solutions, side yards often go unused. But you can take advantage of this neglected stretch of space by building an elevated deck that can play host to a small dining area or relaxation station. After laying down gravel and concrete, install posts and joists, drill in the decking, and coat it with a wood preservative for enhanced durability.



Deck Definition

In an expansive yard, it can be a challenge to get the lawn, garden, deck, and other structures to work together. One simple fix is to incorporate transitions, such as patio pavers and plants, in order to visually connect the various elements for a cohesive and thoughtful result.



Fixed Vision

Compelling decor is vital in making your deck feel like a destination. Choosing a specific style or color scheme can help you narrow in on your vision and ensure that you make the right purchases when you’re decorating or renovating. As you’re conceiving your design, don’t forget to plan for the weather: If you reside in a rainy climate, try a roof alternative like this draped tarp that casually and attractively shields the eating area.

Branch Out

Exposed decks can subject you and your guests to whipping winds, harsh sunlight, and other forces of nature. Consider building your structure around the trunk of a favorite backyard tree so you can benefit from both the shelter of its shady branches and its natural beauty.

String Theory

You don’t need expensive lighting to illuminate a dreary deck. In comparison with their high-end counterparts, simple fixtures like string lights and lanterns can just as effectively—and far more affordably—light the way to a fun and charming outdoor area.

The Right Angle

While traditional decks feature square or rectangular layouts, consider softening the sharp corners by chamfering (cutting at an angle) to achieve expressive edges. Here, a deck frame with angled corners creates the illusion of ample space while drawing the eye to the minimalist style of the furniture and decor.


Double the Fun

This home enjoys the classic benefits of a patio and the relaxing characteristics of a larger, lofted deck, demonstrating that houses of all sizes and square footage can achieve the outdoor living area of their dreams. Decorative cues taken from indoor comforts like throw pillows and fabric curtains make the two structures feel consistent, while the overarching pergola visually divides them into distinct rooms.



Ready to Roll

Roller shades can be the solution to all your weather woes, allowing you to welcome or block out the elements as you see fit. As a bonus, these handy dividers also add a layer of privacy so you can create a place for intimate conversation whenever the moment calls for it.

Right-Sized Structure

If your exterior has an empty nook, cranny, or corner, use it as an opportunity to squeeze in a DIY deck. The L-shaped recess of this home perfectly accommodates a small structure that grants these homeowners all the joys of an outdoor living space without taking up too much of the backyard. Wide steps make the deck seem larger, while a white-painted pergola and neutral furnishings complete the look.

Perfect Perch

Outdoor sofas have the potential to create loads of backyard seating, but they can also swallow up a lot of space with their height and bulk. Secure neutral or patterned cushions to a portion of the deck for a solution that adds a spot to rest your feet without adding much visual weight.



Floor Decor

The floor of your deck can pack just as serious a style punch as the furniture that adorns it. Deck out a humdrum build by cutting a custom motif out of cardboard, tracing it onto the floor, and filling in the resulting pattern with glossy oil-based deck paint. This floret design, inspired by a stenciled rug, adds whimsy without sacrificing sophistication to create a personalized touch that is sure to stand out.

Grill Master

Think beyond the standard patio table and chairs to transform your deck from a passive sitting spot into a hardworking gathering hub. Here, a cozy chair, wooden bench, and coffee table serve as an understated eating area, while the rest of the space is fully stocked with a grill, sink, countertop, and fridge—all the makings for a successful barbecue with friends and family.



Choose The Right Color For Paint Ideas For Living Room

As we know, living room is the heart of every house. This is the first room in most of the houses. The first time you open the door, you will enter your living room. And every person who comes to your house will go to your living room. Because of that, you should give your best effort to make it as beautiful and comfortable as possible. When your guest comes to your house, make them interests with your living room and directly feels cozy to stay there. Creating good design for your lovely living room, you can play with the color of your room, starts from the wall, the furniture, or the accessories in it. To make your living room as the stand out room than the other rooms, you can try to apply paint ideas for living room as one of the choices to get it.

Deciding paint ideas for living room

To decorate your house, you should have your exact concept how to execute it. You should have good imagination how it will be. In paint ideas for living room, the important thing that you have to do is choose and decide the right color for your living room. There are so many colors and many kinds of color combinations that you can choose. But the basic consideration to make a decision is your concept and the scheme that you want for your important room. You have to remember that every color has a different meaning and each color will reflect different atmosphere for your room. In addition, color is the most powerful thing that can affect your mood also. So, you have to be careful in making decisions.

Paint Ideas For Living Room to Make Different Atmosphere

If you want to make your living room has a warm and cozy atmosphere, you can choose red as the source of energy and passion. Orange will create warmth and joy atmosphere. While, yellow is the color of happiness and bright atmosphere. And then, if you want to emerge cool and calm atmosphere, you can choose green, blue, or violet. Next, if you want to create a comfort feeling and easy-looking for your living room, you can choose pastel colors like cream, soft gray, or peach. Besides of those colors, if you are the person who likes clean and minimalist color, you can also apply neutral color for your room, such as white, beige, gray, or black. Neutral color is the easiest colors for us to combine with the others color. This neutral color will create dramatic and stylish visual if you do the appropriate combination. So,because the applied color will become the main focus, in paint ideas for living room, consider the right color before decide to buy it. Good luck!

This article brings you the information about paint ideas for living room that will be useful for  your home improvement.