Smart Small Kitchen Design Ideas enhance your living space.

Having a small kitchen does not mean that you can have an elegant kitchen in your house. Whit a smart kitchen furniture arrangement and design, we can enhance your living space.

These recommended small kitchen design ideas below could be your inspirations in creating a great kitchen. This might help your cramped kitchen looks much larger.A kitchen has so many design options. You can choose your kitchen floor, wall paint, cabinets and the layout of the kitchen. A good arrangement of those kitchen features may be helpful to create a small beautiful kitchen.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas: The Layout and Ceiling

The bone of the kitchen is the layout. You have to choose a smart and appropriate layout. Make sure you choose the best practices and suitable layout for your kitchen.A Gallery or a walk through layout design is one best layout for a small kitchen. Gallery layouts efficiently for not leave any unused spaced. With gallery layout you can maximize the efficiency and make a clever pantry storage cabinet. A one-wall layout is also a good idea for a small space kitchen. It will give much more free space; looks simple but large enough for two or three people in the kitchen. The simple elegant layout will totally be efficient in such a narrow place.

You can also taller the ceiling of your kitchen or house. It will make the kitchen look bigger and give more spaces for the air. Since the space is tight, you can vertically make more space and make use of it to put things above your cabinets.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas: Painting and reflective surfaces.

There are many ways to make your small kitchen look bigger visually. Choosing the right paint that can give a bigger place effect.Color can give a huge impact to the space. Soft and cooler color usually work well in giving such larger space. Soft blue color creates illusion of space in small kitchen A good choice of paint adds some beauty to the your lovely kitchen wall and cabinets. Don’t forget to get enough bright. So it can illuminate the whole room.

The other way is by hanging a reflective surface such as a big mirror on the one side of the wall. The reflections of the mirror will give an illusion of more space. However, don’t force it if there is no enough space to hang it. Insisting to install a mirror in such narrow place can also give a bad impact. You can try those Small kitchen Design Ideas previously mentioned. Hopefully it can help you to create a smart small kitchen.

How to get a great small kitchen that really fits our small rooms? Here are small kitchen design ideas for you.

Small Dining Room Sets; If You Have A Small Kitchen

Back in the days when I watched a documentary film about modern houses and apartments in Japan, I remember that as one of the cities with the highest density, Japanese houses and apartments require a very high efficiency in space management. In the small and very modern apartments, the sofas are modified in some way, they also serve as the bed. And so is the bathroom, living room and sure, the kitchen and dining room. Japan can be awarded as the “king” of small dining room sets.

Small Dining Room Sets and Room Mangement

Then, if you are not staying in Japan, but unfortunately, have a limited space for dining room, sure you need to concern about your room management. Besides choosing the right color and patterns to make your dining room look wider, small dining room sets will also help you a lot. The most important furniture that will dominate your dining room is the dining table. If your dining room fits for four pax maximum, pick a small table that is able to accommodate four people. It will be better if your chair and table are built altogether and you can flip them when they are not in use. Talk to a small furniture maker to discuss and create  customized small dining room sets. Keep your plates and glasses into a cupboard that can also function for something else. You are able to hang your cups and mugs on the wall near the washbasin, sure it will save many spaces because you do not need to put a drawer or cupboard. For lighting, chandelier is not really suitable for small dining table (except when you are planning a candlelight dinner for two persons). Don’t be sad, you could still evoke a romantic feeling by hanging some lamps with different heights. They will give you accents to your dining room.

Besides a small dining room sets, you are also able to trick the width of your dining room by installing a plain floor without a pattern. This will give your dining room a “wide” illusion. It will also look clean and neat. A big window will also helpful to make the room looks more spacious. Place your sink facing a big window, then decorate your window with indoor plants. The window will provide you enough lighting during the daytime and a dramatic look when the night comes. Imagine you and your significant other having some Pinot when the snow falls outside, you can see the landscape and the snow falling outside. Whatever your idea of making your dining room looks more spacious, it will be nice if you have some time to talk with the professional and ask for advices. Good luck and have a nice try!

Have small dining room and need some compartments? The solution is small dining room sets. Read more!

Kitchen Backsplash Designs for Your Lovely Kitchen

Nobody wants their kitchen wall get stained from the dirty dishes or any food ingredients. That is why backsplash installed to the wall in order to protect it from any kind of stain. You can find backsplash products which made from materials that water, stain, and moisture resistant. The function of the kitchen backsplash is not only to protect the kitchen wall from staining, but also can be used to beautify the design of your kitchen. You can decoratively design your backsplash so it can match perfectly with the decorative designs of your kitchen floor, color scheme, furniture and appliances.There are some materials you can use to make your unique kitchen backsplash designs.

Kitchen Backsplash Designs: Ceramic Tile Materials

One material that has many varieties of pattern and color is ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is one classic and popular choice for your kitchen backsplash designs. Ceramic tile is very durable and flexible as a wall protection.

You can creatively mix and match any number of colors, and patterns to suit your overall kitchen designs. You can use warm color of ceramic tile such as  warm yellow or soft blue to make your kitchen look visually larger. The classy backsplash tile can also be colorful and fun if you mix the color of black, green, orange, blue and green in a random and harmonious position. This stain, moisture and scratch resistant materials will be easy to maintain.Beautiful and easy clean up ceramic tile backsplash will absolutely cheer you up.

Kitchen backsplash Designs: Wood Materials

If you are planning to have a green kitchen design, a natural looking backsplash can be applied in your kitchen house by installing wood materials on your backsplash. This wood color adds warmth feeling and nature character to a kitchen.The color of the wood will give an earthy feeling to your kitchen and enhance your living space.

The use of the woods is not only restricted to the flooring, windows frame or ceiling. With a simple work of DIY backsplash materials, you can have a unique wood backsplash design. Are you wondering if the wood can stand the staining? Do not worry. When you can properly seal and maintain the wood, it will be a great used for a backsplash. So you have to ensure the woods are properly sealed to prevent water staining. These wooden materials will complete the good sight of your kitchen backsplash designs.

Create your own unique kitchen backsplash designs with these materials you can easily find.

Reason of Choosing Metal Kitchen Cabinets

There are lots of things that people consider in order to build a new home nowadays. One of their considerations is “go green based”. The impact on their health is the main reason for them in choosing go green based. In order to go green, we need healthy materials in order to overcome the danger of emissions and pollution. So, when you want to build or maybe remodel your kitchen, it would be better for you to choose metal kitchen cabinets. They are better than traditional manufactured wooden cabinets in terms of healthy materials. People may think that traditional manufactured wooden cabinets look great; therefore, they  ignore metal kitchen cabinets to choose traditional manufactured wooden cabinets which are not environmentally friendly. In order to make wooden cabinets, any number of chemicals are used, for example for the paint and the curing process of the wood. You never imagine what chemicals that have been used to make wooden cabinets.

Are you familiar with formaldehyde gas? Do you know the risks and dangers that associated with that gas? Wooden cabinets contain this emission of dangerous substance. Almost all of wooden cabinets contain particle board which is bonded with a formaldehyde-laced glue.

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Metal kitchen cabinets are environmentally friendly. Wooden cabinets require the treatment and processing to make them durable, while Metal cabinets don’t require them at all. Metal cabinets are durable, although with minimal maintenance. They also do not use formaldehyde for the preservation as well.

You may wonder how metal cabinets look in your kitchen? Does it look good? Don’t worry, there are many ways in order to make a unique look with your metal cabinets that suit for your kitchen. One of the examples that you can try to make a unique look with your metal cabinets is by using water based paint to create a different look for your metal cabinet. Metal cabinets also suit with your metal appliances and they also suit well with any types of tables.

Durability of Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Not only look good for your kitchen, metal cabinets also have a good durability. Metal materials make them durable with the bad condition like heat or even humidity. On the other hand, wood cabinets may get some problems with mold. Another positive point from metal cabinets is they are easily to be cleaned. Moreover, they have ability to resist the stain compare to the wood cabinets. Don’t forget to make sure that your cabinets are dry after you clean them; therefore, they will not rust easily.

You can try to change your cabinets into metal kitchen cabinets. There will be no doubt that you will be pleased because you can have an Eco-friendly kitchen. You will have modern stuffs which are healthy for you and of course your family as well. Good luck and have a nice try!

Why choosing metal kitchen cabinets ? There are things that people really consider leading to this durable kitchen cabinet.

The Benefits of Having Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Who does not have a kitchen cabinet in their kitchen? Nobody. This kitchen cabinet is such a must item in every house kitchen. No wonder the kitchen cabinets manufactures produce variety types of kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinets are available in any size and materials. One of the most popular types of the kitchen cabinets is the stainless steel kitchen cabinets.

Stainless steel cabinets have been used around for years. Some of which have been used in many restaurants and kitchens. There are some reasons why these stainless steel kitchen cabinets are more preferable than the other type of cabinets.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets: Easy to clean and maintain

First of all, as you can see clearly from the name, “stainless” this material is stain proof. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets do not even attract a little dust or a crack as wood materials might have always been. This stainless steel is also not possible to trap any tiny pieces of food and dirt. All the food and fingerprints can be easily seen in the steel that allowed the owner to clear it clearly.

You are able to use a wax based cleaner spray called stainless Steel polish to clean the steel once or twice a week. Spray the surface and wipe it with a clean cloth.  In order to keep maintaining the new look of your cabinets, you can have a special clear coating applied. It will protect the surface from salt.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets:The Flexibility

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets can be applied in almost every kind of kitchen design styles. The elegant color of the steel can fit perfectly in your kitchen. The appliance of the stainless steel cabinets brings a modern elegance to your kitchen. Sophisticated color and shape is totally beautiful to the beholder. At some points, it also can bring a serious look, look so efficient for kitchen tools. Moreover, it is able to handle any kind of heat levels.  You can put it on either outdoor or indoor kitchen.

The stainless steel also has the ability to enlighten and visually enlarge your kitchen space. The way it reflects light, create a visual manipulation of a bigger space. This of course makes it possible to install stainless steel kitchen cabinets to a small to medium size of kitchen. With a good kitchen design arrangement, you can install this stainless steel kitchen cabinet in your lovely kitchen.

There are several benefits you can get from stainless steel kitchen cabinets. Here we sum up them for you.

Three Types of Kitchen Lighting Design

A good kitchen lighting design can make an ordinary kitchen look stunning and attractive. Lighting is a prominent thing in every room of the house, not to mention the kitchen. Today’s kitchen is not only used to cook food. These days, many people like to stay and have a small talk in a comfortable kitchen. Some also do other activities such as reading or study in their kitchens.

Because of those reasons, a well-lighted kitchen is a must in every house. There are many types of lighting design that you can use in your kitchen. You can choose the one that can appropriately fit in your kitchen. You can even make a creative combination of the different types of the Kitchen lighting design.

Kitchen Lighting Design:General.

This type of lighting design needs to install the source of the main light in any space the kitchen ceiling. The important thing is that the light is bright enough to lighten the room or the specific spaces. People usually install it on the central of the room. This is the most general way of installing the light to illuminate your kitchen. It would be best if you place it around the perimeter of the room. About 30” from the kitchen wall.

Kitchen lighting Design: Down Lights.

This type of lighting can be easily installed. You can just place it exactly where you what it to spread the light and illuminate things. It will fit perfectly with a kitchen with a low ceiling.The different levels of lights could give different depth and dramatic feeling to your kitchen space. You can also save some energy by dimming the light. The down light could distribute the light to the area below.

Kitchen lighting Design: Task Lighting.

Exactly like the name, this kind of light is placed in such way that they lighten only the task area. The areas that usually required a well lighted of task lighting are above the cooker and the oven. If your kitchen is well lighted by the sunshine in the daylight, you only need to turn on the task lighting at dusk to early morning or night. This type of kitchen lighting design will give a sufficient task lighting while also give a decorative touch of your own style.

The three types of the kitchen lighting design mentioned above can be your ideas in designing your lovely kitchen. Each of them has their own strength and weakness, as long as you can make the maximal use of the strength point, you can create your awesome lighting design in your kitchen.

Good kitchen lighting design is needed to beauty your kitchen. Here are 3 kitchen lighting designs for your kitchen.

Things to Remember Before Painting Kitchen Cabinets

When you bored with the look of your house furniture, one easy way to freshen the look is by repainting. Kitchen cabinet might be one thing that you want to make over. Having a new one will cost much more money than just makeover it.The cost of the painting materials such as paint color, brushes and primer will only cost a lower price rather than having wholly new brand kitchen cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinets with a new look is a cheap and easy solution for you.

If you do not want to afford a professional to do the job, you are able to do it yourself. Here are some things you should have in mind before painting your kitchen cabinets.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Pick The Right Paint

The first thing to do before you start painting is deciding which kind of paint are you going to use. There are Latex paint, oil paint and Spray. The Latex paint is the preferable one. Usually used by many people. However, oil paint is really easy to keep clean. If you make a mistake, the oil paint will be harder to clean up While Latex paint mistakes can be easily cleaned up by using soap and water. Using spray may give a good result of your cabinets, but it is hard to work with. You have to cover the other areas that you do not want to paint. You have to clearly understand the instructions, so that you will not screw it up.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets: How To Remove The Cabinets

The second thing is that you should know how to remove the cabinet before you repainting it. Removing the cabinet parts will make it easier for you to paint. Painting both the outer part and the inside part will be practical if you can do it separately. Before brushing of the paint to your old cabinet, you can also clean the cabinet. Sand the door will be a good idea to smoothen the surface and get the best result.  Make sure to remember the arrangement of your cabinet door. So you are able to reattach it later easily, after drying the paint.

Those things mentioned above are some important things to have in mind before you start your process of painting kitchen cabinets. The job is very easy to do. It only requires an extra effort and careful attention from your part.

There are several preparation before painting kitchen cabinets in order to get the best result. Here are they!

Kitchen Makeover Ideas For Your Home

In the modern era, such nowadays, you can almost find any kind of job or business people are running to. In all areas that you can mention, there will be at least one guy that is standing or running a job or providing his service to you, especially when it deals with home and its parts. Thus, it is no doubt that you will find easily someone who offers you a service, for instance a kitchen makeover ideas.

Professional kitchen builders for kitchen makeover ideas

Professional kitchen builders are widely spread with their designs and styles. Each of them offer you with sophisticated and well finished kitchen makeover. They are everywhere and ready for even a single advice for you who want to renovate or redesign your old kitchen. The good thing is, they are professional and know what to do and the bad thing is, most of them are expensive and kill your money. Well, that is why I am writing to you now an article about kitchen makeover ideas which should enlighten your vision that to make your kitchen nice does not need much money. The question is how?

Do a small research for your kitchen makeover ideas

Small research here means that you have to spend your time a little bit by reading, reading, and reading the whole sources available about the kitchen makeover itself. There are a bunch of them that you can find in the magazine and internet which most of them are free to read. You can simply type it on a google the keyword of kitchen makeover ideas then walaahh.. you get a bunch of articles about it. Internet gives you an easiness that you can enjoy every time. Use it positively and you will find the answer. Then, you might need to go to a public library and spend your time a little bit in home and appliances section. You should find everything related to the idea of kitchen design.

Finally, it does not have to go expensive to have your kitchen makeover right? You just need to be a bit “work hard” in finding a way how to do that, especially by reading a kitchen makeover ideas article. If you are on a tight budget, it should help you a lot. Just keep reading slowly and notice every single detail that the book or online article gives you and you should be fine with it and have a new nice kitchen in your home.

Again, kitchen is a part of our house that needs improvement regularly due to its frequent use. Here are some ways to get kitchen makeover ideas.

Two basic kitchen ideas for small kitchens

When you have a small space for the kitchen, you may get a little trouble on how to organize your kitchen items. A small space will limit the number of items and furniture in your kitchen. For in a small space, the less items that you got, the better it would be.

You absolutely do not want to make your small kitchen look cluttered and cramped. Arranging good appliances of kitchen utensils will be a nice start to make an efficient small kitchen. Here are some kitchen ideas for small kitchens that you can try at home. It may help you make a good use of your little space.

Lighter color can be one of kitchen ideas for small kitchens.

Lighter color will give the illusion of a bigger space. You may Apply whether bright lights or your wall paint color. As long as it is bright enough for the room, it will make the room appear wider. You can use a strong light to illuminate the room. You can also use white, cream or warm yellow paint color to cover your small kitchen wall.

On the other hand using a dark color only make your small kitchen look smaller and cramped. Dark colors should be avoided to covering your small kitchen wall. It is okay to apply a dark color for some combination of your decoration. It only becomes a problem when you use too much dark and shadow in your small kitchen.

Storage cabinets can also be your kitchen ideas for small kitchens

Today’s small kitchen can also have good and well-built kitchen cabinet storage. As there are many demands for kitchen cabinet manufacture to produce smaller kitchen cabinet that can fit in small space kitchen. If you have good kitchen cabinets, it will lessen the tendency to make your small kitchen appear messy and cluttered.

Small cooking appliances and items such as blender, coffee maker and cattle should be stored inside of the cabinets. You can bring them out when you need to use them and put them back to their proper place right after you clean them up. It will make a neat look to your small kitchen. The smaller room you have, the cleaner it should be. So basically, the main kitchen ideas for small kitchens are to have a lighter color for your kitchen and have a storage cabinet to prevent any cluttered things.

Have small room for your kitchen? Don’t worry. Use kitchen ideas for small kitchens that will result incredibly good.

Kitchen Decorating Ideas For Your Kitchen

Do you still do not know how to decorate your kitchen beautifully? Sometimes many available kitchen- decorating ideas can also be confusing for us to choose the right one. Just keep in mind that all you need to do is pick one particular style of kitchen that you want and buy the furniture that match or required for your kitchen design.

There are many kitchen decorating ideas available from the web, television and magazine. Two of these kitchen ideas below can be a good reference for you to start planning about your kitchen interior design.

Kitchen decorating ideas: French Country

The French country embraces natural, elegant and homey feelings. Rich fabrics and woodwork are the characteristics of French country design. The used of soft colors and wood work furniture are warm, inviting and enticing. Soft cream color on the cabinets and light yellow paint on the walls appear aged, cozy and warm. You can also add some antique details to your kitchen. Apply some items that can play up with the country French theme. You can easily achieve a French country look by using vintage and French look items of kitchen hardware.

You can also mix the classic materials with up to date items in your French country kitchen. Stainless steel cabinets and aged wood floor create a timeless room classy and modern at the same time.  Not only nature look materials feature that can be used to this French country kitchen style.

Kitchen Decorating Ideas: Contemporary

Many kitchens are designed with this contemporary style. The main reason usually is because this contemporary style is simple and clean. Efficient and easy upkeep are the characteristics of this kitchen style. White color gives the clean and simple look. Most contemporary kitchens are painted white. White floors, walls and ceiling can create a stunning kitchen. You can have custom futuristic design to dominate the room. Cabinets with no cravings are usually used in this kind of style.

This kitchen feature reinforces more practical sophistication than beautiful appearance and warm feel. However, it does not mean you can balance the beauty and function of your kitchen. You can install striking lights on the ceiling or the wall to beautify your contemporary style kitchen. One of those two kitchen-decorating ideas might be a good choice for your kitchen. However, you have to make sure that the kitchen decorating ideas fit in your overall house design.

There are many kitchen decorating ideas available from the Internet that you can use, including these two greatest styles. Read more!