30 Stunning Dining Room Ideas That’ll Make Every Weeknight Dinner Special


Fresh Wallpaper


Wainscoting or a chair rail creates a perfect base to highlight a favorite pattern. Lining just the top half of the wall also lets a pricey pick go further.


Textured Neutrals

A concise color palette will help your first floor decor flow seamlessly. “Neutrals like grays and natural materials like leather and stone are foolproof together,” says designer Amber Lewis. Layer in various textures like a rattan pendant and woven rug to add excitement.


White Backdrop

It’s hard to beat classic white walls. “It’s bright and clean, and it acts as a blank canvas for the rest of the decor,” Lewis says. (It also helps reflect natural light, which can help the room feel bigger.) Pick a shade with a hint of gray to make it feel warm and inviting.


Bright Seating

Let your chairs set the scene by picking a set in an unexpected color, like this sunny yellow or an inviting blush pink. Your guests won’t hesitate to take a seat.


Circular Table

A room full of boxy pieces can quickly feel cramped, so go with a round dining table for a dynamic element. Plus, it’s easier to walk around in tight spaces.


Painted Floors

Instead of redoing the walls, change the color underfoot for a makeover with major impact. A bright aqua color here sets off antique wood furniture.


Bold Tablecloth


Swap in statement linens to change the look of your dining room on the fly. A brightly colored floral pattern like this one also hides inevitable stains and spills better than a solid color, too.


Smart Screen

Partition off the eating area from the rest of the living space with a decorative folding screen and its own rug. By visually outlining various zones, you can make an open area feel more intimate.

Built-In Seating

A cushioned bench can help make the most of a small space. You can position the table closer to the wall or the window and fit more people in for family meals. Pop in plenty of pillows to cozy up the little nook.


Unexpected Touches

The table and chairs act as the focal point of your dining room, but show the rest of your space some love, too. “Do something unexpected,” advises Rachel Bliefnick, founder of the design blog This Is Our Bliss. “Give your ceiling an interesting paint treatment, or put punchy pillows on your dining chairs and then layer a bold rug over your existing one.”


Mirrors Everywhere

If you’re short on art, choose a variety of mirrors for your walls instead. They’ll bounce light around a small dining room — and make candlelit dinners that much prettier.


Family Photos

Here’s another easy option for your dining room walls: Display family photos in a grid of matching frames. They’ll look even better in your home than your Instagram feed.


Saturated Hue

A deep teal takes this cozy dining nook to the next level, especially since it’s echoed in plush cushions and cute tableware.


Colorful Runner

The easiest way to spruce up your dining room based on your mood: Create a neutral design, then keep an assortment of colorful runners around to add a pop of color instantly.


Vibrant Curtains



Even though the table and light fixtures in this room steal the show, it’s the playful window treatments that bring the space to life and make it memorable.

Statement Lighting

Just because your dining room is on the cozier side doesn’t mean you have to skip on bold light fixtures. This gold globe pendant makes a statement flying solo — and would look just as good as a trio over a larger dining room table or island.


Mismatched Seating

Gone are the days of matchy-matchy dining sets. Find a table you love, like the rustic one here, then surround it with complementary chair pairings like ornate cane and plush upholstery.


Trendy Chairs


Create a clean look with transparent dining chairs (wipeable, so great for kids!). Then mix in a variety of textures, like matte-painted walls, a polished table, and woven blinds.


Rustic Bench

Tone down an ornate table with natural-looking seating made with knotted wood. Top it with a plush pillow for added comfort.


Farm-to-Table Nook


Your breakfast table gets extra charming with the combination of metal bistro-style chairs and farm-style vintage seating.


Dinner Table Sectional

Fill a kitchen corner with a low profile couch (look for one covered in an easy-to-clean fabric like Sunbrella), then nestle in a square table. Genius!


Outside Inspiration

Instead of using the traditional dining room, escape to a more casual sunroom or screened-in seating area for a fresh approach to the dinner party. Guests will feel right at home in the relaxed space.


Classic Colors

The always-in-style combo of black and white acts as a great starting palette. From there, pop in playful accents like green and yellow.


Functional Island

Extend a block island to add ample seating, or position a table adjacent to it. Then hang stunning fixtures for elevated dining right in your kitchen.


Playful Plaid

Give formal seats a playful edge by painting them in a happy hue (orange!) and covering the cushions in a preppy tartan print.


Oversized Art

Take a tip from this Connecticut farmhouse by hanging a larger-than-life piece of art. Bonus tip: Hang art low so that it will be at eye-level when your guests are sitting.


Tablescape Decor

This vibrant Utah home’s dining room follows a cool color palette, but achieves serious impact with a unique jar centerpiece.


Opposites Attract


This Toronto family wasn’t afraid to mix rustic with luxe decor in their dining room. The combination of a blocky wood table with circular gold pendant lamps is surprisingly polished and fresh.


Contrasting Colors

White Thonet-style chairs juxtapose a dark wooden table in this Hoboken, New Jersey, apartment. The effect? A clean color palette with a timeless vibe.


Nautical Decor

Our advice: Let beach houses be beach houses. Oceanic influences are obvious in this New Jersey beach house, and how dreamy is this multi-toned blue dining nook?

25+ Dining Room Lighting Ideas for Every Style


The Best Dining Room Light Fixtures

When it comes to enjoying meals at home with family or friends, the dining room is a special place for making memories. So, of course, you want to rev up your space with beautiful lighting. But do you choose the perfect light fixture?

Several things may impact a decision from the shape and size of your table to the number of lumens or watts you may need to set the right mood, especially if your space is a multi-use spot for various activities like crafting or homework. To help you illuminate things, we gathered our favorite tips and ideas for dining room lighting


Shabby Chic Chandelier

To make this casual dining room that gets used daily feel more special for formal occasions, the designers at Studio McGee installed an Italian-inspired chandelier bought at Shade of Light. The shabby chic fixture elevates the space without leaving a fussy impression.

Tip: Chandeliers that use multiple bulbs can emit lots of light. Installing a dimmer switch will allow you to control ​brightness.


Branch Chandelier

In this impossibly chic dining room by Regan Baker Design, a ceiling medallion anchors the Branching Chandelier by Lindsey Adelman. The fixtures sinewy brass limbs and handblown glass globes refine the room without overpowering the rest of the décor.


Crystal Chandelier

When remodeling this home, the objective for interior designer Zoë Feldman was to create a cozy space with a modern edge. To achieve the goal in the dining room, Feldman installed a Boule de Cristal Chandelier by Restoration Hardware. Its sleek appearance has a less is more vibe that is just dressy enough for the modernist-inspired space.
Tip: Long light fixtures like this one work best centered over lengthy tabletops that seat more than six people.


Linear Chandelier

Who says chandeliers have to be all glam and glitz? Here a linear example from the Alden collection by Kichler is a stylish gesture that does not overwhelm a neutral space by Leslie Cotter Interiors.


When to Swag a Chandelier

The You Make It Chandelier Kit by Lindsey Adelman includes standard industry parts for building this brass light fixture seen in a bungalow by interior design firm Scheer and Company.

Tip: Because the wiring in the ceiling wasn’t directly over the table, the chandelier was centered using swag.

Brendan Ravenhill Cord Lamp

When simplicity is key, consider something like the Cord Pendant by Brendan Ravenhill. Its triangular armature features three LED bulbs that generate 750 lumens each—all together that is brighter than a single 100 Watt Incandescent. In this home, by interior designer Lynn Kleonidas the fixture illuminates a minimalist dining room with custom wood furniture.


Glass Chandelier

Taking center stage in this dining room by Regan Baker Design is a staggered glass chandelier by West Elm. The 38-inch long fixture is the perfect length for the six-seat dining room table.

Tip: Keep chandeliers or pendant lighting out of your face by installing at least 30 inches over the table.


Retro Hourglass Chandelier

This stylish dining room by Leslie Cotter Interiors combines neutral colors and bold wallpaper from Thibaut’s Watermark Collection with a retro hourglass chandelier designed by Rejuvenation.


Vintage Warehouse Lighting

Vintage warehouse lighting can give a casual dining spot a functional makeover. Here a couple of rewired, old-timey fixtures pepper on personality in a space designed by Moon Architect and Builder. ​

Tip: Many pendants lights like these can use dimmable 300-watt incandescent bulbs.


Glass Bubble Chandelier

Wow-worthy lighting does not have to cost a small fortune. While the light fixture in this beautiful dining room by Heidi Caillier Design cost thousands of dollars, the Bubble Glass Orb Chandelier by World Market is a pitch-perfect knockoff that cost less $200.


Midcentury Chandelier

Unlike Edison bulbs, Mason jars, and sponge painted walls; Midcentury-inspired lighting withstands décor trends. These Plaza Chandeliers oozing with Mad Men style prove our point. The fixtures by School House Electric and Supply Company are both understated and eye-catching.

Tip: To show off the fabulous lighting in this casual dining room, interior designer Zoë Feldman painted the ceiling black.


Robert Abbey Bling Chandelier

Want to hang something fancy over a rustic table? The Bling Convertible Chandelier by Robert Abbey pours on the drama in this farmhouse-inspired dining room by Lindsay MacRae Interiors.


Glass and Metal Pendant Lights

You can find sophisticated lighting to buy at unexpected places. In this dining space decorated by Heidi Caillier Design, the glass and metal cage pendants are from (surprise!) Pottery Barn Kids.

Tip: Because each fixture only generates 60 watts, to illuminate the entire table two were hung instead of one.


Stunning Pendant Light

The gold Arabelle pendant light by Aerin brings a bit of glam to a traditional dining room by Aidan Design. We love this fixture for its fresh floral motif.

Wood Bead Chandelier

The crowning jewel in this colorful dining room by West Trade Interiors is a blue beaded chandelier by Selamat Designs. The fixture produces up to 60 watts of ambient light. A couple of wall sconces on either side of the painting boost illumination when needed.

Tip: Layering light in a room using different fixtures will help you create a more functional and comfortable space.

Classic Cage Style Lighting

Understated elegance best describes the Norwell Linear Cage Pendant in polished nickel shown in this dining room decorated by Chango and Company. The fixture adds shine to the room’s quiet palette.


Off-Center Lighting

If you are gaga for geometric décor, say hello to the Pythagoras Pendant Lamp. Two of them brighten this dining space by Homepolish. The frosted pentagonal glass panels keep the 100-watt bulb in each out of sight while casting a soft glow.

Tip: Notice how the pendants are not centered? Placing the centerpiece on the table between the fixtures establishes balance.


Modern Farmhouse Lighting


When done right, black cords are no longer cringe-worthy. Case in point, the black electrical cord on this industrial-inspired pendant light adds modern farmhouse appeal to this transitional dining room by Chango and Company.

Faceted Orb Pendant Light

Fresh paint, wall art and the Euclidean Pendant from Anthropologie were the crucial ingredients in this dining room update by Megan Born. ​

Tip: When creating a gallery wall in your dining room consider displaying things high enough to be seen over seated guests.


Modo Chandelier

Globe lighting is simple, elegant and timeless. That is why we are fascinated with the Modo Chandelier in this casual and hip dining room by Regan Baker Design. The industrial-inspired light fixture designed by Roll and Hill, adds a little edge to the contemporary space.


Terracotta Pendant Light

Inspired by a fabric crease this terra-cotta fixture called the Marset Pleat Box Pendant Light beautifully complements the rattan dining chairs in this space designed by Ore Studios.

Tip: Infusing a room with natural elements and earthy textures will warm up your space.

Rattan Pendant Lights

We love rattan pendant lights because after a quick online search you can find them in a wide range of price points. The black ones in this eclectic dining room by Chango and Company are both chic and casual.


Pear Shaped Chandelier

We adore classic pear-shaped chandeliers like this one called The Chanteuse by Currey and Company. The fixtures cascading frosted, crystal beads is the cherry on top of this dining room by Studio McGee.

Colorful Lampshade


A bright, yellow rattan lampshade tops off this quirky dining room by Studio Monroe. Balancing the lemony shade is the black and white rug with oversized stripes.


Oversized Lantern


An oversized Morris Lantern brings a modern farmhouse inspired dining room to the next level in this home remodeled by Studio McGee. Additional pieces with metallic finishes such as the clock exude a bit of luxury without conveying stuffiness.

Wagon Wheel Chandelier

This homey dining room by Graystone Custom Builders strikes a chic balance between casual and formal. Capping things off is a wagon inspired fixture called the Geoffrey Chandelier by Arteriors. It hangs purposely from a rusted chain and features a large wood ring with Edison bulbs.

35 Coolest Unique Dining Tables Ideas


Unique dining tables offer you so much potential to transform your home and life. Gone are the days when dining tables used to be purely functional pieces.
If you are looking for a creatively cool dining table then you have come to the right place.
We have covered unique coffee tables, now we have searched high and low for a wide variety of the most awesome tables on the planet.


The Most Unique Dining Tables


There are lots of unique dining table ideas here for all kinds of spaces. We have unique dining tables for small spaces and transforming extendable ones for those who love to entertain.
Read on and make your pick from our extensive range of choices :


#1 The SALCOMBE Table by John Lee

This unique dining table derives inspiration from Mother Nature’s backyard. Made using solid ash, it mimics the natural erosion process of coastal rocks. It is the ultimate piece for everyone who loves to boring the outdoors in.


#2 Modloft Astor Dining Table

This contemporary dining table design features clean lines and a minimalist finish. The all-white exterior is the picture of sophistication. And get this! It has a secret compartment at the middle that extends to accommodate extra guests.


#3 Vox Oak Dining Table with Built-In Trivet

If you are all about wooden furniture with a classic look then this is the piece for you. The metal opening in the middle adds to its appeal and functionality. To top it all up, it has built-in drawers that come in handy for storing cutlery and other odds and ends.


#4 Duffy London Swing Table

This has to be one of the most unique dining tables ever. It transforms the meal-time experience into a relaxing adventure. It also adds a bit of spice to your interior space as it projects creativity from all angles.


#5 The Wally Transforming Space-Saving Dining Table

City life at times condemns us to small spaces and we have to do without most conveniences. Wally makes it possible to enjoy all the features of modern dining with this space saving dining table. He comes in a wide array of colors to spruce up your space as well.


#6 Langley Street Killyglen Dining Table

Geometric designs will never go out of style and this awesome table is sufficient proof of that. It has a classic glass top and an angular base made using beechwood. It creates an impression of space due to its minimalist design making it ideal for a small dining room.


#7 Custom Made Live Edge Natural Dining Tables

This is as close to nature as you can come if you love to keep it real. These unique dining table ideas transform your living room into the ultimate relaxation zone. They elicit feelings of being out on a picnic bench taking in all the wonders of nature.


#8 Butterfly Table by Tonin Casa

The butterfly table brings you the best of both worlds. It uses a modern finish and the timeless appeal of natural inspiration right to your dining space. The elegant finish makes it ideal for any type of interior décor. Choose between the marble top and the extendable design.


#9 Trent Austin Design Croixs Dining Table

Looking for the perfect piece to complete your rustic furniture collection? Look no further than this remarkable piece. It features a sturdy construction and clean lines for those who love to keep it simple.


#10 Galvin Cafeteria Table

When space is an issue then you have to be creative or risk losing out. This cafeteria dining table comes complete with retracting stools underneath the top. This provides the perfect storage space as well as an alluring layered look.


#11 Rockhampton Round Dining Table

Mesmerize your guests with one of these unique dining table ideas. It goes way beyond the ordinary design while offering lots of visual appeal and functionality. It has a refined look to it that will give your space an instant facelift.


#12 Custom Made Rustic Walnut and Blue Glass Dining Tables

This rustic dining table set takes you on a trip back into time. The execution is artistic and shows great attention to detail. Set it in contrast to a modern interior décor or compete your rustic theme and create harmony. Either way, you cannot go wrong.


#13 Cadogan Extendable Dining Table

The best thing about this dining table is that you would never notice it is extendable. It seems so perfectly finished, so complete, that it would catch you off-guard. But it sure comes in handy when you need to wow your guests and make them feel at home in style.


#14 Obssedia Dining Table

When nothing will do except the very best, then you need one of these unique dining tables. The aluminum bas is the highlight thanks to its captivating rhythm. The artistry of it all is so mesmerizing and inspiring. It makes the perfect centerpiece for any home.


#15 Wade Logan Lansford Dining Table

The Wade Logan is one amazing dining set. It takes on its own identity to create the ideal statement piece for your dining space. It offers lots of artistic relief with the shapely pedestals on which the top sits. And the minimalism of it all is extraordinary.


#16 Vox Hidden Container Dining Table

This is the kind of table that could grace any space, dining room, kitchen or even study. If you are looking for unique dining tables for small spaces this is it. The white color creates an illusion of space while the hidden compartment offers lots of discrete storage space.


#17 Branka

Whether you are looking to grace a casual or formal dining space, you cannot go wrong with the Branka. It features a unique base that turns it into a masterpiece. It also gives it the ultimate contemporary look to ensure it never goes out of style.


#18 Ilias Fragkakis Union White Table

For those who love to stand out then the Union Table is just right. It contravenes the ordinary with its unique shape. This gives character to your dining space and offers artistic inspiration. It is the kind of table that adds luster to every occasion and every meal.


#19 Langley Street Sheryl Oval Dining Table

Simplicity is at the core of this design. It is what makes it all the more outstanding and aesthetically irresistible. It sports a classic look that uses solid oak to add a touch of sophistication. The top starbust effect makes it all the more alluring.


#20 Nori Round Oak Dining Table

This is one of the most unique dining tables for small spaces. It is simple yet beautiful. It takes up very little room but can seat up to five people comfortably. So gather the family around and bring back memories of the good times.


#21 Germana Dining Table

The first thing that springs to mind when you first see this unique dining table set is sophistication. Everything from the distinct leg design to the catchy color choice is on point. the contrast between the golden base and marble top completes the effect perfectly.


#22 Yasmine Dining Table

At times it is not so much about utility as it is about elegance. When decorating your contemporary interior you need that one piece that ties it all together. That piece is Yasmine, with her curvy base and the gold and black finish. She is the perfect centerpiece for a contemporary space.


#23 Florence Dining Table

Borrow a leaf from the classic era with this unique dining table. She sports a shapely pedestal that also offers solid support for the hardwood top. The blend of solid pine and mahogany does the piece justice and makes it an elegant choice for a sophisticated homeowner.


#24 Retro Herringbone Design Dutchbone Dining Table

Bring back the memories with this old school design. It has an acacia wood veneer top that lets you peek into the grain of the wood. And the geometric base gives it an antique feel. All you need to do is get the perfect pendant lighting and the effect will be complete.


#25 Wade Logan Snow Dining Table

Your dining needs might change from time to time. This is the piece that adapts to every one of those changes. It has a butterfly leaf that offers extra room when need be. The all-white finish gives it a contemporary edge that can never grow old.


#26 Reditum Lignaro Oak Table With Magnetic Legs

Unique dining tables go beyond the obvious and offer something more. This piece uses magnetic legs to meet that definition. The legs can be attached in a variety of ways to offer different functions. The stylish top makes it ideal for any space.


#27 Delilah Dining Table

Your dining table does not have to conform to the convention. Try this bold look and watch your room take on a personality. The geometric base is both sophisticated and eye-catching. The simple glass top directs attention where it belongs to make this the perfect centrepiece.


#28 Vita Cross Legged Dining Table In Black And Acacia

This unique kitchen table and chairs are effortlessly elegant. The cross-legged design lends the set authenticity and gives it a certain royal look. Whatever the occasion, this design will be a major highlight and will make it a memorable experience.


#29 Briles Dining Table

Sleek is the name of the game when it comes to this piece. It is a simple and cool dining table that does not try too hard to please. That is probably what makes it awesome. The shapely pedestal makes it a beauty to behold and adds visual interest to your room.


#30 Birchwood Dining Table By Specimen

The whimsical design on this table promises a relaxing experience for all who recline. It is an elegant piece that can fit any type of décor. It would make a unique dining table to suit an artistic personality and give them the inspiration they need.


#31 Dante

What makes round tables particularly convenient is that they do not take up much space. This piece can seat six comfortably and is also able to fit in any space. White is the perfect color as it does not give off the cluttered look associated with darker hues.


#32 Dutchbone Alagon Wooden Dining Table

Wooden dining tables are a popular favorite. They have a familiar feel of warmth to them that can convert a house into a home. Any family would appreciate the rustic charm evident in this design. its tapered legs give it an industrial touch that gives it greater visual interest. Find it Here.


#33 Cassius Trestle Dining Table

For those who are in love with minimalist pieces then this was made for you. It has a simple glass top and a base that is almost not there. The shape of the legs is what gives them away and creates aesthetic appeal around the table.


#34 Oak Perpendic-S By Speciman

Unique dining tables for sale at times bring to life the oldest memories we have. This table takes us back to lunch in the early days. Think of how great that memory would feel right in your indoor space.


#35 Levante Extending Table

This unique dining table combines glass, wood and metal to capture the best in all possible worlds. The texture of wood and classy look of glass provides a welcome contrast that generates great visual interest. The extending leaves on the edges ensure that everyone can join in the fun.

Dining Chair Ideas: Which Style Best Suits Your Room?


Whether it’s an impromptu lunch or a grand Christmas banquet, your dining room is where you gather your favourite people together. Get everyone sitting comfortably and make your décor and taste a (complimentary, of course) topic of conversation thanks to your dining chairs.
From modern and contemporary styles to retro and vintage designs, we’ll help you choose the right furniture for the feel you want to create. We’ll also help you see how you can accessorise around your table to enhance the look you are going for.
Don’t feel down if your dining room is on the small side either. We’ve got tips on how to bring the best out of a limited space. The designs we have available are all intended to give you a comfortable seat along with excellent aesthetics. So whatever the occasion is that has you at the table, you and your guests will be sitting pretty.


Modern dining chairs for contemporary dining rooms

Modern dining chairs are found in an interesting array of shapes. They often feature slim, streamlined silhouettes with embellishments kept to a bare minimum. Curved, smooth back shapes also crop up regularly. This allows them to fit seamlessly into open plan spaces, so they’re perfect for kitchen come dining rooms if you have a minimalistic layout.

Want to add an industrial vibe to your dining room? Fully metallic models or hairpin metal leg designs will complement or create that feel. The clean linear lines of slender metal bases will slot into all kinds of contemporary spaces. Plastic constructions also abound in modern dining chair designs; they’ve come a long way in aesthetics and can be moulded into all sorts of desirable shapes. They will make a place instantly feel more contemporary. For one, if you have a plain wooden table you can use plastic chairs to give the dining room a fresh and modern texture update. They also offer up a wide array of shades (from monochrome to bright and vibrant) if you want to mix and match some colour into your décor.

Modern designs in metal, plastic and other materials aren’t just perfect for creating unconventional shapes and silhouettes. These designs also have excellent function to go with the form. So while they make décor statements, you’ll also enjoy using them to sit and eat every day. No attention has been spared to ensure that their comfort is matched by their standalone chic.

Another beauty of contemporary design is that it’s not bound by anything. You can also have modern styles and shapes in traditional materials. Bent wood in particular is a staple used for dining chairs. It’s manufactured by wetting wood through soaking or steaming to make it more flexible. Then, it’s curved to create those smooth, minimalistic outlines in the beautiful look and feel of wood.

The best chairs for a retro dining room

Ever wanted to step (or sit) back in time? Look to retro dining chairs to give your furniture a vintage feel.
Upholstered designs with metallic or wooden frames are a signature retro style. You can find padded seats that are colourfully covered with a texture to contrast with the chrome metal frames. A cantilevered chair (where there’s a tubular metal that supports you instead of four legs) is an easy way to channel 70’s style. Likewise, you can choose bright fabric or white dining chairs with the unmistakeable warmth and woody tones from timber frames and legs.
If the chairs aren’t going into an already retro-styled dining room, a first step to build the vibe can be to have a retro-feel light fitting above the table. Around the room, think high contrast colours and shiny metallic finishes. You can accessorise further by hanging a mirror with a by-gone era frame too. (Consider an ornate or circular mirror design for example). As well as chairs at your table, benches can also bring a retro touch to any dining room. They’ll sit charmingly alongside upholstered designs with wooden legs.


Vintage dining chairs for a classic look

Oak dining chairs and spindle back designs will bring a classic, rustic feel to any space. Spindle backs (recognisable by the spaced out vertical rods in the back rest) are very versatile and will work with a range of table designs. A ladder back style (where there are horizontal slats at the rear) is also a classic chair choice. Its simplicity also lends itself to wide choice of décor options.

You can also be a bit daring with either style and choose the same model in a range of colours. Wood grain on its own brings warmth to a room. If you have other timber furniture, a blend of wood tones can have an engaging effect. It also works excellently in tandem with other materials. Wood and cord are classic partners that bring a vintage, coastal feel with their texture blend.

Mid-century modern dining chairs are a key interiors trend and will elevate any space stylishly. They are recognisable by their uncluttered shapes and clean lines. Smooth, moulded plastic backrests with slender or geometric metallic bases are common designs. (If it’s not coming to mind, think of the 1960s furniture in the wildly popular series Mad Men). Form and function were vital back then and it’s been boosted now with modern ergonomic knowledge. You’re promised an excellent anatomical fit so you can sit long and comfortably. There’s also bold colour variety; choose a set of white dining chairs for a monochrome décor plan or create a vivid blend of different shades.

How to choose the best chairs for your dining room


Whenever planning for any new furniture, the mantra is always ‘measure meticulously’. Ensure your new chairs will fit around your table and into the space.

Room not enormous? No worries. Just be sure to choose chairs that can be easily tucked away to reduce clutter. As well as chairs, benches will also work well in small dining room. They can be handily hidden away and can squeeze more people in. Stackable and folding designs are also perfect for small spaces. Aside from being stacked up out of the way, folding chairs can also be hooked up on the wall when they’re not in use. It’s also a good opportunity to brighten up the room with different colours.

Another option for smaller spaces, is opting for a bench instead. It will tuck perfectly underneath the table and will create a lot more space in the room, for when you’re not using it. It’s also a perfect solution for when you are hosting larger parties, as more people can fit onto a bench. For a more casual look, benches are a great way to create a lot more space in a less formal style.


Bright colours will work well with glass tables, and in a small room they’ll enhance light. Round tables are not only very good choices for small spaces, but are also the most sociable option. You can keep a couple of foldable chairs stacked away in a cupboard ready for extra guests so you’ll always be ready to host.
It’s worth considering who your regular table guests are going to be too. Upholstered designs may not be ideal if you have kids or host them regularly. Smooth surfaces like plastic and wood are easier to wipe down and keep clean after spillages.

Also, consider what chairs may sit well with your table. A glass table design will go well with metallic chairs to give an industrial feel. They’ll also slot stylishly in with a wooden top table with metallic legs. If it’s more rustic or farmhouse dining table, vintage chair designs with spindle backs can finish that look. Minimalistic or Scandinavian-inspired tables pair excellently with streamlined modern and mid-century chairs.
Letting your table and chair sit on a rug is another stylish trick to accessorise the place well. Match your rug and table shapes for uniformity or mix it up if you see fit. Even in a tiny space, a circular table can become much more of a showpiece by placing it on a rug. It’s a superb way to add more colour and texture to your dining room too. Make sure there’s 24 inches (61cm) free each side so you (or guests) don’t trip as you get up from the table. We’ll give you another crucial tip with that too, don’t invest in any rugs that are too fluffy. They absorb stray crumbs and we don’t want to make any more housework for you.

Along with being a charming décor addition, a sideboard does wonders for organisation. Stash crockery, tableware and linen out of sight but close at hand. There are a variety of styles too. So, you can maintain your minimalist aesthetic with a gloss white design or keep up a rustic feel by choosing a warm-toned oak piece. Their tops are also prime for displaying ornaments, photos and flowers for finishing touch. The walls and ceilings can also support the look you are trying to achieve. Going for a contemporary feel? Try hanging modern artwork or prints. Industrial vibe? Try a copper or brass light fixture. Want to enhance the room’s light? Fix a mirror or two and it’ll brighten up where you eat and entertain.

35 Modern Dining Room Ideas and Designs


Dining rooms should be convivial, welcoming and comfortable. It is a place to converge, to dine, to entertain friends and for families to spend time together. Modern dining homes ideas and designs are functional and efficient as they are stylish and beautiful. Have a dining room that will personify you and your style. Whether you are renovating or building, here are some great modern dining room ideas and designs to help you out:


1. City Blue Chic

City dwellers will certainly love this streamlined and space-saving dining room idea. One side is set against a window seat to save space. The chic modern Scandinavian style is perfect for apartments with open floor plans.

2. Cozy Corner

You don’t need an entire room for your dining set. This dining area is snug in its corner. The placement is ideal to improve foot traffic. Minimalist styling keeps the room looking bigger than it is. The brick faux window wall is a great conversational piece.

3. White and Creative Pieces

Relieve your basic white dining room with few creative pieces. The large green wall feature gives a pop of colour, the golden stool is interesting and the dining table is unique with its recycled sewing machine feet. Modern with a touch of nostalgic.

4. Waxed Wood Classic

Waxed wood dining rooms are classic. They have been around since our parents built their homes, and the style is still going strong. To give a modern touch to the cherished style, add modern cushioned chairs, clear the clutter and install current and awe-inspiring pendant lights.

5. Warm Rustic

Create the cottage kitchen charm by going rustic. Raw wooden table, concrete floors and a wood fireplace! A stack of firewood brings in the ultimate bucolic vibe. Keep it modern with clean walls, modern chairs and minimalist floating shelves.


6. Embossed Metal Ceiling

Clean lines, functionality and less adornment are the top trends of modern dining room ideas and designs. But a little glitz can always make things more interesting. An embossed metal ceiling adds a lot of shine without clashing with the room’s subdued modern theme.


7. Skylight Splendour

Modern dining room ideas and designs are light, airy and uncluttered. Refresh your stuffy and cramped dining rooms by adding light. A skylight will open the space, add natural lighting and is a great room feature.

8. Wood and Grey

This room exudes beauty in functionality. A minimalist dark grey pendant light, mirrored walls, natural wood table and serving bar and dark grey rattan sculptural chairs.

9. Starburst Brown Dining Room

Modern, stylish and opulent. This is dining room with lots of personality! Ideal for homes and people who aren’t afraid of making a statement. The few adornments – the starburst chandelier and colourful wall art, speak volumes in elegance and gorgeousness.


10. Mix of Sand Colours

This is another modern Scandinavian designed dining room. The thin picture frames on the wall, the round pendant lights and the neutral rug are modern, subdued, and graceful. A touch of charming quaintness is injected with Danish bucket chairs in a lovely mix of different sand hues.


11. Dramatic Touches

When the room is small, go big on style and dramatic effects. Darker shades are more dramatic. Add glass, mirrors and shiny details to offset the dark tone. The bubble pendant lights, modern mirror feature and silver add-ons complete the eye-catching and dramatic dining room.


12. Elegant Minimalist

Beauty in simplicity. Sparsely decorated, each item carry a punch in style and excellent design. This dining room banks on space, efficiency and natural elements – natural lighting, bare concrete floors, clean walls and scrubbed wood.


13. Nook Diner

Small doesn’t have to be drab. Copy the cool and urbane style of this city apartment dining space. The wall bench is comfortable and is a space saver. The area can double as a desk, while the window sill can be used to handle stuff when the table is busy.


14. Metallic Mesh Chairs

Take out your old and bulky dining chairs and replace them with these sleek and trendy metallic mesh chairs. The streamlined design of the chairs complements the modern dining room.


15. Glass Walls

Clean out and update a tired and stuffy dining room by removing walls! Install glass window walls that will let the light in and expand your room. Complement your modern sleek walls with minimalist interiors. It’s time to enjoy your garden views!


16. Silver and Viridian

No one will miss or forget dazzling style and pomp. This dining room is meant for entertainment, glamorous company and great times. The walls and furniture are elegantly subdued, while the silver touches and bubble drop lights add in the glitter.


17. A Little Bit of Everything

Bright, fun and interesting! A collection of your favourite things in a room. The mismatched chairs, the colourful rug and the beach painting. This dining room personifies a free-spirit, fun-loving and quirky person.


18. Modern Scandinavian

A fusion of style and functionality. Scandinavian-style modern dining room ideas and designs are stylish, sensible and minimal on décor. Designs favour light tones, natural elements and functional pieces.

19. Moody Navies


Dramatic dark colours can also work for dining rooms. The sombre navy walls and neutral floors and ceilings set the stage for the warm mahogany tones of the table and chairs. A bunch of bright foliage, flowers or a bowl of fruits can easily brighten up the room.


20. Light and White

White kitchens and dining rooms are timelessly charming. Spice up your white dining room by adding patterns and grey accents. Soft grey walls, grey patterned rug and few potted plants add colour and texture without straying too far from the white colour scheme.

21. Concrete Floors

Bare floors are in! Modernise a dining room by removing tired and faded carpeting or rugs. Leave the floor clean and bare. Complement the look with clean walls, sensible furniture and minimal décor.


22. Statement Pendant Lights

Statement pendant lights can light up a room in more ways than one. These black and bold bubble pendants fill the space between the table and the ceiling. It also draws the eye to the fabulous dining table and chair set.


23. A Glass Table

A clear glass dining table is perfect for the modern and sophisticated dining room. Clean, light and chic. Sleek white chairs, white walls and candle pendant lights complete the classy interiors.


24. Table for Two

Small space living often incorporate dining rooms and kitchens into one. Space or no space, it is still nice to have a place dedicated to enjoying your meals. All you need is a sensibly-sized table, a couple of bucket seats and a small rug to define the space.


25. Luxurious Minimalist

Creative and subdued styling can convey luxury in a minimalist design. Plush seats, marble wall feature and an attention-grabbing modern chandelier give the room its deluxe facets, while bare floors, clean walls and dark table maintain its minimalist vibe.


26. Crisp and White

Sparkling, refreshing and clean. This classic glass, white and metal kitchen and dining room combo is made sleeker and modern by the glass divider, low-back chrome and white chairs and chrome kitchen walls.

27. Square Table

A square dining table is always a surprising element to dining rooms. When everyone is fixated on a rectangular table, get off the customary and be unique! It’s also an easy and sensible way of getting people dine closer to each other.

28. Modern Shaker

Sparse and functional. Keep the good old charm of Shaker interiors with spindled Windsor chairs, a mid-century modern table, Shaker rug and period portraits. Add clean white walls and modern pendant lights for the contemporary touch.

29. Quixotic Blues

Cool, dreamy, romantic. This pensive blue dining room stirs convivial mood, creative inspirations and pleasant dining. The wide table invites gatherings and the sensibly designed chairs are light and comfortable.

30. Farmhouse Shabby Chic

Charmingly old-fashioned and delightfully unique. A collection of quaint and graceful items – square eight-seater table, shabby chic turquoise chairs, Arabic rug, vintage chandelier and modish paintings on the wall. The highlight of this room is the upcycled plank table.

31. Eye-catching Colours

Modern dining room ideas and designs favour light and neutral colours, minimal furnishings and plain adornments. This modern dining room maintains the chic modern vibe and injects eye-catching colours to its sideboard serving bar. The result is modern and exciting room interiors.

32. Casual Chic

Cheerful, elegant and beautiful dining room. Not too intimidatingly proper, not too relaxed. This dining room can host formal dinners, family meals, parties and gatherings. Great colour combination of yellows, greys and black.

33. Golden Magnificence

This dining room is fierce, bold and colourful. It bursts with bright colours, rich furnishings and strong character. Gold-footed table and chairs! The attention-grabbing pen chandelier is magnificently designed. To lighten the impact, opt for more subdued carpet tones and wall features.

34. A Sidebar

Install a service sidebar in your dining room for efficiency and additional storage. This modern sidebar includes a wine cooler, silverware or dinnerware drawers and a trendy chalkboard wall, all that without hugging space.

35. Lakehouse Charm

Bring in the innocent charm of the idyllic lakeshore into your home and dining room. Warm, inviting and bright. Natural elements, cheerful colours and lots of natural lighting. This is a room everyone in the house would love spending in.

Basement apartment ideas


Basement apartment? Hell, yeah! A great feature to have in a home is a basement.
This gives you a lot of extra space that you can turn into something else such as a bonus room, bedroom, in-law quarters, or an apartment.

If you choose an apartment you could rent it out. This can add extra money to your budget and help with your mortgage payments.

With clever design and construction any challenge that may arise when changing a basement into an apartment can be solved.

Hiring an experienced contractor to help you with the renovation is something that I recommend doing. The value of the property can increase if the renovation is done correctly.

This will make the short-term investment worth it and it can create a new income for you when you rent it. A real estate agent in your area can help you find out exactly how much you should be investing to get the most return on your money.

A bunch of decorating challenges can arise in basements like low ceilings and little natural light. Also, dampness and flooding can be an issue.
Basements can be treasures that most people do not utilize.


Door or egress window

A basement apartment that has a separate entrance is called a walkout basement. This is usually appreciated by the homeowners. A code requirement for any bedroom is to have an exterior door or an egress window so that the occupants can have an escape route in case of a fire.

You may need to make a window opening larger to meet egress specifications if your basement does not have an exterior door.

A contractor who specializes in full-service basement finishing can advise you on the egress specifications requirements. They will also be able to tell the best place to install an egress window or exterior door.

Plumbing and electrical

A bathroom and kitchen are needed for basement apartments to act as a separate living area. An electrician will need to install at least two circuits in your house’s electrical panel. There will be one for lights and one for plug-ins to meet the electrical requirements.

A high-performance pump and self-contained toilet makes you able to install a basement apartment bathroom without extensive cutting into the basement slab. This is great news for having to add new plumbing.


Basement finishing or remodelling generalist

You will need to come up with a plan to finish your basement. This is the first step in the renovation process. The next step is to hire a professional to get the work done. Hire somebody who works in basements all the time to get the best results.

There is variety of work that needs to be done everything from waterproofing and egress window to plumbing, electrical and insulation. A basement finishing specialist can handle these jobs for you.

With a professional doing the job you will be able to ensure that best material and installation techniques will be used. The will create a comfortable and attractive new space. Since it is done by a professional it will stay that way a long time.


Washer & Dryer appliances

A good way to make your apartment more marketable is to add a washer and dryer to space. Using stackable models will save you space.



A nice focal point for a basement apartment is to add a gas-fired fireplace. You can make it appealing by adding a beautiful surrounding to it. You can eliminate the expense of a chimney by using a sealed-combustion model that can vent through an exterior wall.

Closet & storage

Renters appreciate big closets and lots of storage space. Having these spaces will make it easy to keep the basement apartment clean and organized.



One of the most obvious basement lighting solutions is adding light to get rid of darkness. You would that this would be a simple task, but it is not. It is impossible to reproduce natural light.

The airy quality of natural light can not be duplicated by artificial light. Artificial light does not make a space seem open and airy.

Trying to add too much light can have the opposite effect. It can make room seem small. Fluorescent lights are bright but can make everything look ugly and oversaturated, just think of your doctor’s office.

Natural light on the other hand has a unique beauty about it. It is always changing and connecting with its environment. Putting up a slow-moving strobe light is not something that I am recommending.

That could induce seizures and its just creepy. Strategically place artificial lighting throughout a room to act like natural light.

This will create expansive highlights and lowlights this allow for defining certain areas within a space. This will make the basement apartment feel airy. To achieve this use lighting, lamps, and up-lighting with full spectrum bulbs.



Color has the same principles that natural light has. Brightness is more crucial than lightness. Painting the walls white is fine to do. To create contrast, add pops of color throughout the room.
Painting a basement apartment with a dark and bright color is not something that I would recommend. You can mix bright colors like burgundy or chocolate brown with lighter colors. Do not make a space look crowded with busy patterns or colorful wallpaper.


Looking Glass

One for sure way to make a space look bigger is by using a mirror. Do not worry you do not have to install mirrored sliding doors to do this effect. The way to do this is by using simple framed mirrors and place them where they make sense.
You can add depth to a room by using any kind of reflective material. In the center of the rooms we placed silver lamps and tables to create this effect. In kitchen, all of the appliances are stainless steel. To create a full area below the stove, the steel continues outside of the appliances.



It is important to make all rooms clutter free, however, it is necessary in an area that does not have natural light. By having enough storage, you will be able to keep counter-tops clear of stuff. Using closed storage so there is a sleek disguise.
Let’s look at the use of cabinetry in the first picture. You do not need to place furnishings in every available space. Do no clutter up the walls. Draw the eye to one area with a few fabulous pieces of art. Another trick to making a room look spacious is by placing the furniture in the middle of the room.



You can use drapes in several different ways. A crucial look of contrast is by using bright drapes against a light wall. To make a space look to taller hang floor to ceiling drapes.
By using this vertical space, you will make the room feel less cramped. Another one of the many basement apartment ideas is to create a fake window. To create the illusion of natural light, hang sheer curtains with a light behind them.


Hang Big Art

Pick a big piece of breath-taking art to hang in your basement apartment, this will represent your aestheticize. A bunch of little pieces of art will repress the eye. You need to place it distinctly above the sofa or on the wall that you see when you walk in the door.
If you are thinking the art will make your space feel small, just the opposite is true. It will make your space feel larger. There is a gigantic C’era Una Volta Il Westoriginal 1968 Italian movie poster hanging above the couch in my small apartment, it defines the entire room. In space that is even smaller like a basement this is needed.

Entire Height of a Wall

I totally support the rule of hanging wall art at eye level. You really need to use everything to the fullest when you are working an area that is underground.
This means hanging art above and below the art that you hung at eye level. Take shelves all the way to the ceiling when installing them. To reflect around the room and make a room feel airy hang a mirror up high.


Ending thoughts on basement apartment ideas

People in the city are finding inexpensive ways to live while the economy is slowly moving along. Some have chosen to relocate out of the city, others have chosen to relocate underground.
What was once thought of as dark and unattractive, English basement apartments are now wanted by people with a small budget who wish to stay located in the city. By using these small basement apartment ideas you will create a gorgeous place that any renter will love.

5 Cheap Dining room decorating Ideas

The common misconception is, you have to spend a lot of money on dining room decoration to make it look stunning. Well, that is not true. If you want to be a little bit creative, you can modify your dining room like magic. There are lots of dining room decorating ideas, inexpensive ways you can try.


Mom’s old China

It can be interesting if you have a set of beautiful china. Do not store it away, put it on display. Displaying china in a cabinet is a great option for dining room decorating ideas. If you do not have any china, antique stores usually sell chinas. You can also hang them on the wall in decorative pattern. China plate can also used for displaying fruit like apples or bananas, then put it on the table.


You can also put on a curtain for your dining room decorating ideas. Sew your old silk or used bed sheets, make it into patchwork then put them on. You do not need to buy a new curtain. Neutral colors will look good for dining room window, or you can match it with your wall color.

Wall Scones

One of the most popular dining room decorating ideas is installing wall scones. Wall scones is popular for dining room lighting as it can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It is available in a wide variety, from the modern style to Asian style that shaped like bamboo lantern, so it gives you more possibilities to express your personal style.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants are good dining room decorating ideas. Try to keep succulent in your dining room. Cactus is also interesting to be placed near the window or on the top of your refrigerator. They do not need a lot of water, so it will not make your dining room dirty. You can also put some roses or fresh flowers on your dining table.

Placemat and tablecloth

Do not forget the placemat and the tablecloth! Placemat, besides the functions, it can decorate your dining table. These dining room decorating ideas is interesting because tablecloth is pretty cheap and give you a pretty dramatic effect to your dining room. This means, you can start keeping some colors of tablecloth and placemats for your dining room. Neutral colors for formal dinners or thanksgiving dinner, pastel colors for summer. Placemats are now sold in various styles and colors so you can combine them with your tablecloth.

Dining room decorating ideas does not have to be expensive, with limited budget and little time in weekend you can make your dining room look good.

Want to decorate your dining room affordably? We have several dining room decorating ideas that won’t drain your budget.

In the Mood for Eating: Light Fixtures Dining Room

Besides living room, dining room can be an interesting spot to gather with your family. After work and school, breakfast and Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner and other dining events – dining room is one of the busiest places in most houses. This means that the interior design of your dining room is pretty important, considering the fact that your family members, guests, relatives or colleagues will meet you in this place. One of interesting ideas in making your dining room more stunning is light fixtures dining room.  It contributes a great deal in enhancing your dining room interior design. Warm, welcoming, or cozy atmosphere can be conferred through lighting. On the other side, wrong lighting (is it color and location) can make your dining room feels cold, dark and uninviting. The difficulty will increase when your dining room is located in the same space with a kitchen. If you want to create a comfortable atmosphere for a hectic kitchen and cozy dining room, you will need to think and plan your lighting carefully.


Wall Sconces, the “new dining room fixture sweetheart”

You might be thinking that the ceiling fixture is so two thousand late. Light fixtures dining room that takes form in the overhead ceiling fixture, a chandelier or a modern large-scale drum shade pendant was cute, but now there are more alternatives in installing pendants that you surely need to look up. For small space or eat-in kitchen, pendant lights can be arranged in a way that able to provide plenty of lighting and remain interesting and give appealing effects of the space. You can stagger them in a group consists three pendants, or five and seven, then put them in different heights. Installing them in a straight line would also perfect for a rectangular dining table.

Light fixtures dining room tricks

Light fixtures dining room tricks can also be done by using the wall sconces. Wall sconces ability to diffuse light throughout the space or are directed upward is a perfect choice for dining rooms, especially the small size dining rooms. Wall sconces do not take up the valuable floor space and they can add a beautiful visual accent without adding more furniture that will take more spaces. As wall sconces now come in various shapes, sizes, colors, styles and finishes. You can match the wall sconces with your style and other furniture in your dining room.

Here’s another trick on lighting fixtures for dining room: you can trick the size of your dining room by incorporating a small console table or probably a buffet table into your dining room. You can install small table lamps on the both sides of this table to create a warm atmosphere. Combine them with other sources of lights, such as pendant lights or candles for special dinners. Whatever your style, you can start eating with a better mood, only by installing a good light fixtures dining room.

Enhancing your dining room interior design with light fixtures dining room, a great way of getting it done!

The Beauty Of Dining Room Chandeliers

In your house, try to think about what the rooms are there. You will think about bedroom as the privacy room for you, living room for welcoming guests, kitchen for making your favorite food, bathroom, terrace, garage, and others. So, how about dining room? What does come up in your mind when you think about this room? Eating? Yes, that’s right! And with whom do you have your meal? Family? Exactly! Dining room always has close relation to the activity which is named eating and the subject which is called family. The dining room is the special place where you can build lovely together with your special person. While enjoying your delicious meal, you can share your feeling, happiness, sadness, experiences, stories and others. And to support this warm occasion, you as the owner of the house want to think the best idea to arrange your dining room. When you want to design your dining room, of course you will think not only about the aesthetic, but also the function. So, to increase the beauty of your dining room, dining room chandeliers can be one of the choices.


The multi-function of dining room chandeliers

Usually, the dining room is placed in the center of the house. The good dining room is the dining room which can facilitate eating as the main activity. Besides, it also can support others familial activities like chatting. So that is why in designing your dining room, you have to consider many things, such as the comfortable, the nice view, and the efficiency. Sometimes, people who only have a small space in their house, their dining room will become a multi – function room such as for watching television. Because of this condition, you should put your big effort in arranging your dining room. And of course you have to think about the furniture, the tableware, and the light fixtures. Choose the right material and the right size of furniture and choose the nice style which is appropriate to your house. For the light fixture, it will bring two functions, from the aesthetic and the function itself as the light source. And dining room chandeliers will help you. The right style of dining room chandeliers that suits your dining room, not only increasing the value of your dining room, but also it will provide the nice lighting. So, for the maximum result of the dining room chandeliers usage, choose the appropriate style that is suitable with your room, the simple one and easy on the eyes and the one which has the good function in illumination.

Beauty your home with dining room chandeliers. Here is the short overview on it for your goodness.

Playing with the dining room paint colors

Color is the powerful things related to everything. Every color has its own meaning and reflect different personality. Two same things, but they have different color will reflect different meaning. And the application of color can affect your mood also. That is why, sometimes people apply different color in each room of their house because they want to create different moods and ambience inside them. For example, blue in the bedroom to create calm atmosphere, red in the dining room to increase appetite, and others. In choosing the color, it is affected by the personal preferences, different person will have different taste and favorite color. In every people’s house, there are two essential places for gathering with family or relatives. They are living room and dining room. But, dining room has a more private role for the whole family in that house. Because there are many kinds of activities that you will do with your special person in the dining room, so in designing this room, you have to put big effort here. You should make it as comfortable and lovely as possible. Then, applying dining room paint colors can be the way to create this atmosphere.


Minimalist or attractive dining room paint colors?

In creating your lovely dining room, applying dining room paint colors can be perfect if it is supported also with good design and appropriate decoration. For example, if you have a concept of minimalist decoration in your house, so the color of your dining room should follow the concept. You can choose the light and soft colors like white, creamy white, blue, white, soft gray, or peach. But if you want to make your dining room become the focal point and has an attractive side of your house, you can play with the strong and dark colors like red, blue,or purple. Those concepts will bring their own atmosphere for your dining area. In deciding dining room paint colors, you should consider also about the size of your dining room, for the small one, maybe it is better to apply the light colors, because it will make it seems more expansive. While, for the larger room, if you apply the dark one, this color will make your dining room feel cozy and comfortable.Over all, minimalist or attractive concept that you choose from the color side, it goes back to you again as the owner of the house. Choose the color which is appropriate with your taste in applying dining room paint colors and create a lovely, comfort, and warm atmosphere in your dining area.

Gonna repaint your walls? Here is how we think of the application of dining room paint colors.