20 Cool Basement Bathroom Ideas


Basements gets bad raps from time to time, if built finished out or remodeled later on, they actually offer a wealth of extra living space for many purposes and activities. For instance, a media room, living room, wine cellar, wet bar, gym, office, playroom, man’s cave, laundry and guest room are all popular choices for basement spaces. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where basements are a commonly built element of most homes, you may just be sitting on a myriad of abundant new living possibilities!

Today, we will be showing you a couple of pictures of basement bathroom ideas that looks totally amazing! They differ in archetype, design, planning and inspiration – but we are sure that you will definitely love this list because of the cool things you can actually do with your basement if ever you decide on adding or creating a bathroom in the basement. Take a look at the pictures below and be astounded!


1. Armadale Project – Basement Bathroom & Laundry Room

Functional combined purpose room. What more can a mom ask for?


2. Atlanta Basement Bathroom

Consulting House Inc., “Designed a bathroom as part of a full basement build-out. I was asked by the client to incorporate some yellow/black street tiles and a manhole tile. I created a bathroom that simulated being outside on a road and the glass tile in the shower represents a stop light.”


3. Austin Modern Bathroom

Curbless showers don’t have to be open, this one’s contained behind a frameless, glass enclosure. The lack of a curb and a shower frame give this bathroom an absolutely seamless sight line.


4. Basement Spa Bathroom

This bathroom looks a little masculine, but the design team just wanted to achieve a neutral feel to the space. Great tile work!


5. Boston Beach Style Basement Bathroom

The sauna takes up about the same space as the tub across from the shower – but who cares? Anyone would love to get one for their bathroom!


6. Crest Meadows Residence

Looks clean and simple and relatively inexpensive to build.


7. Ecologia Montreal

A partial wall visually separates the toilet from the bed, but the soaking tub and vanity are part of the room’s open plan. To protect the wood floors, the couples use a bath mat and keeps splashes to a minimum. “The child’s bath is different from ours,” Karsenti says, “but our bath is pretty special: spa like and calming, a bit like Japanese soaking tub space.”


8. Finished Basement Malvern, West Chester

I’m not usually a fan of blue paint, but I love this color!


9. Girard Townhouse, Philadelphia

There’s no need to worry about splashing here, because this entire bathroom is a wet room. Having the shower’s controls at the opening of the shower makes heating things up easy and keeps the homeowners from getting wet in the process.


10. Guest Bath New Construction

It is small and pretty and just the right size for our bathroom. And it looks just a tiny, tiny bit cool.


11. Industrial Chic Basement

Mosaik Design and Remodeling recently completed a basement remodel in Portland’s SW Vista Hills neighborhood that helped a family of four reclaim 1,700 unused square feet. Now there’s a comfortable, industrial chic living space that appeals to the entire family and gets maximum use.


12. Italian Basement

The third bathroom shows a completely different style from the other two baths. “The client has a child who wanted to participate directly in the choice of the color of his bathroom. I was amused to involve him, and the result was so surprising and unexpected,” Dellatorre says. “It seems to be in a paint factory where you can view all the Pantone colors all at once.”


13. Lodge – Contemporary Master Bath

The tile work in this Chicago master bathroom is totally beyond words! Tell us what you think about them!


14. Lower Level Retreat

I love the color of the walls, the freestanding tub and the show area! Totally classy and very contemporary!


15. Metro Traditional Bathroom

I like the wooden bench in the bathroom! Pretty classy!


16. Modern Marvel

A basement renovation complete with a custom home theater, gym, seating area, full bar, and showcase wine cellar.


17. The Pennock Family Home

The basement bathroom is an exciting departure in style from the rest of the house. Barn wood walls and corrugated metal siding give this space a wonderful rustic feel. The new double sinks from Ikea mix well with corresponding vintage items, like the blue soaking tub.


18. Tine Halseth Vuorma

Won’t you agree that all designs and construction is really hard work – look at the job done on this bathroom and how lovely it is.


19. Toronto Basement Bath

I have a feeling this industrial look is going to be the next big thing in bathrooms – this bathroom is totally sleek and sophisticated.


20. Venice Canals

I love the small tiles in the bath; the glass enclosure is actually sexy and is fun that complements with the wooden walls.

Best Basement Bathroom Ideas On Budget, Check It Out!!


Basement Bathroom Ideas on Budget Low Ceiling Small Space – Basements gets bottom raps every so often, if developed wound up out or redesigned later, they in fact provide a wide variety of additional area for a number of functions and jobs. For instance, a media area, living room, wine cellar, damp bar, health club, work environment, playroom, male’s cave, laundry and also guest area are all preferred options for basement locations. If you are fortunate adequate to live in an area where basements are a typically constructed aspect of a lot of houses, you might just be resting on a myriad of numerous brand-new living opportunities!

Today, we will definitely be revealing you a number of images of cellar bathroom suggestions that looks completely fantastic! They vary in archetype, style, planning as well as motivation– however we make certain that you will absolutely like this list as a result of the fantastic points you might actually finish with your cellar if ever you pick adding or establishing a washroom in the basement. Take a look at the images listed below along with be surprised!

Essential Points To Consider For Basement Bathroom

When we are discussing the basement shower room design, certainly we need to know about some crucial things to consider. That will be something practical for you to make particular regarding that to the professional as an example. Some of the essential points to handle have to do with the pipes as well as drain. Those are the essential things you have to guarantee. Perhaps, you might make use of the sewage system ejector pumps.

After that, installing the sump is an excellent concept as well. It can be installed under the location of the concrete floor of your basement. After that, you likewise need to deal with the appropriate selection of the waterproofing technique for getting a little bit comfortable washroom consisting of for its better temperature level considering that it lies in the basement.


Basement Bathroom Design For The Comfort

An additional point which you have to look after has to do with the design of the cellar toilet design. Typically a basement bathroom has the tight space with the lack of lights. Exactly what you must manage involves making sure that it will definitely get sufficient lighting for your convenience. After that, simply exactly what you have to think about likewise has to do with the whole interior decoration of the basement bathroom.

For getting the bigger room appearance, you can select the light color design for the washroom. Still, the colourful ones could be gotten yet you need to choose the light tones as like soft blue, baby blue-green, and so forth. Make it single is in addition a great idea. Constantly keep in mind to take care of the correct format for the much better convenience as the element of thebasement bathroom layout.


Modern Marvels Basement Bathroom Design

Budget plan shower room restoration does not need to mean picking economical hardware, poor quality products or different other corner-cutting simply to obtain an improvement in your bathroom energy space.

With a couple of dazzling tricks and also some attempted along with real decorating keys that people have been making use of for many years (along with a little home improvement recommendations in addition to pointers from pros) you can turn a dull shower room into a modern marvel


The Pennock Family Members House

The cellar toilet is an interesting separation in design from the rest of the residence. Barn wood wall surfaces as well as corrugated metal siding supply this location a wonderful rustic feeling. The brand-new double sinks from Ikea mix well with comparable vintage things, like the blue saturating tub.


Atlanta Basement Bathroom

Consulting House Inc., “Created a bathroom as component of a full cellar build-out. I was asked by the customer to include some yellow/black street floor tiles and a manhole tile. I developed a bathroom that substitute being outdoors on a road and the glass ceramic tile in the shower represents a stop light.”


Boston Beach Design Cellar Shower Room

The sauna consumes worrying the exact same location as the bath tub throughout from the shower– however that cares? Any person would definitely enjoy to get one for their toilet!


Austin Modern Bathroom

Curbless showers do not have to be open, this’s included behind a frameless, glass space. The absence of a curb in addition to a shower structure supply this restroom a definitely smooth sight line.


Basement Day Spa Bathroom

This washroom looks a little masculine, yet the style team merely wished to accomplish a neutral feeling to the location. Outstanding tile job!


Philadelphia – Girard Townhouse

Basement bathroom ideas. There’s no ought to stress over spraying here, due to that this whole restroom is a moist location. Having the shower’s controls at the opening of the shower makes house heating things up simple as well as keeps the property owner from getting wet while doing so.


Basement Bathroom Ideas : Ecologia Montreal

A partial wall visually divides the commode from the bed, but the saturating tub as well as vanity become part of the location’s open strategy. To secure the timber floorings, the sets utilize a bath flooring covering and keeps dashes to a minimum. “The child’s bath is various from ours,” Karsenti claims, “but our bath is pretty special: gym like as well as relaxing, a little bit like Japanese saturating tub space.”


Finished Basement Malvern, West Chester

I’m not generally a fan of blue paint, nevertheless I enjoy this shade!


Venice Canals Basement Bathroom Ideas

I take pleasure in the little tiles in the bath; the glass enclosure is in truth appealing in addition to is enjoyable that boosts with the wood wall surfaces.


Guest Bath New Building

This friendliness may likewise include a glamorous visitor toilet such as this set. Bob as well as his household would enjoy the high-end they would never have really comprehended prior to, with soft towels rolled up beneath the sink, in addition to the luxurious clothing gown hanging responsible. In fact, actioning in from Victorian England, they ‘d probably just delight in warm running water!


Armadale Project – Basement Bathroom & Laundry Room

It is small along with rather along with just the appropriate measurement for our bathroom. And also it looks just a small, little bit great.

If your laundry as well as bathroom stay in the very same area, after that developing your washing machine and dryer in listed below the vanity bench is a great way to preserve the space cool as well as organised. Your vanity container might function as a cleaning bathtub, also. Try to find a ceramic container that is deep enough to hand-wash clothing, or to load a mop container conveniently, but still looks sophisticated.

Industrial Chic Basement

Mosaik Design as well as Remodeling just recently finished a cellar remodel in Rose city’s SW Panorama Hills community that helped a family members of 4 recover 1,700 unused square feet. Presently there’s a comfortable, industrial trendy home that attract the whole member of the family and gets optimum use.


Italian Cellar

“The consumer has a kid who wanted to get involved straight in the option of the color of his shower room. I was amused to involve him, in addition to the result was so unexpected along with unanticipated,” Dellatorre states. “It appears to be in a paint manufacturing facility where you could enjoy all the Pantone colors at one time.”


Lodge – Contemporary Master Bathroom

The tile work in this Chicago master bathroom is absolutely beyond words! Inform us just exactly what you think of them!


Lower Degree Resort

I take pleasure in the color of the walls, the freestanding bathtub along with the show location! Absolutely sophisticated along with really modern!


Metro Standard Bathroom – Traditional

For a traditional bathroom look, go for an all-white colour scheme and an uncomplicated washroom suite. Provide the space a current side by selecting in-vogue city or brick-shaped white flooring tiles and rather devices that can add pops of accent colour.


Tine Halseth Vuorma

Basement bathroom ideas. Will not you agree that layouts along with building is genuinely effort– look at the task done on this washroom and exactly how wonderful it is.


Toronto Cellar Bath

I sense this commercial look is more than likely to be the next large thing in bathrooms– this restroom is completely smooth and sophisticated.


If you enjoyed this list about basement bathroom ideas, we are sure that you will like this list concerning the best ways to use the basement that are remarkable, distinct, satisfying and actually fashionable; similar to the images in this list relating to cellar bathroom designs. The images above are not just contemporary in addition to modern-day, however they are absolutely lovely along with possible for your basements also! Hope you had a good time with this list!

These are about Waterproof Bathroom Window Coverings

In order to have waterproof bathroom window coverings, it does not mean that there will be no light which is able to enter your bathroom through the windows. Even though you are making waterproof window coverings, there are several ways to make it without having to sacrifice the light. Some of the ways are also inexpensive.

Acrylic and Glass Windows of waterproof bathroom window coverings

If you wish to obstruct the view of your bathroom, using acrylic and glass window treatment will be a good option. Unfortunately, using these treatments might cause block-windows. It means that you will not be able to open your bathroom window. Therefore, you need to think of a solution for your waterproof window coverings. The solution may be found in using ventilation.


Opaque Glass of waterproof bathroom window coverings

This is one of the best options for waterproof window coverings. It allows sunlight to enter the bathroom, but at the same time it keeps the privacy of the user of the bathroom.

Stained Glass of waterproof bathroom window coverings

This treatment of waterproof bathroom window coverings is a quite high-priced treatment. Even though it is quite expensive, using stained glass treatment is very stylish. However, if you find this treatment is too expensive, you can always use the second choice. It is to use faux glass. It appears that faux glass has the same features as stained glass, but the price is cheaper than stained glass.

Those are the excellent window treatment. However, if you wish to use your current clear glass window, you may always use other treatments for your waterproof window coverings.

Types of waterproof bathroom window coverings

You should consider avoiding the use of wood for your waterproof window coverings. The reason is that the woods that are used in your bathroom will get wet and by the time passes, it will be cracked and swelled. The moisture of the water will be absorbed by the wood and caused those things to happen. Therefore, you should look for other options that are better than wood. For example is using aluminium or vinyl. Both of these options offer a very excellent feature.

Styles and Colors of waterproof bathroom window coverings

Styles and colors for your waterproof window coverings are available in any styles and colors. For example is yellow, lime, blue, or beige. Therefore, you may choose which one you like most. However, you must remember one very important thing. The textures and colors that you pick should go to your bathroom. Also remember to open up the window blinds so that the fresh air will flow into your room.

There are other options which you may consider for your waterproof bathroom window coverings if you think that the above options are not suitable for you.

If you want to install waterproof bathroom window coverings, you should read this article first to get the best result.

Finding the Best Curtains for Bathroom Window

Bathroom is one of the most important places in a home that should exist. You cannot say that you have owned a home if the existence of the bathroom is not right there. As people commonly did, there will be at least one bathroom in all homes in that you can find in the world, with an exception. Then, when the idea comes to decorate it, you might have a limited access because almost there are not a lot of things you can do to decorate the bathroom. Well, curtains should be one of the things on the list that you can retouch. That is why; getting the best curtains for bathroom window can really help your room stand out.

Bathroom is so small. It is aimed to be designed simple and functional. So that I can say that the existence of the window itself really stands out and in this article, you will be given some of ideas to choose the best curtains for bathroom window so that it gives your bathroom really good atmosphere and you will spend sometimes of your life or even start your day in the bathroom.

Match Your Best Curtains for Bathroom Window with Shower Curtain


This is one of the easiest ways to do. You can just simply match your curtain window with your shower curtain. This idea will help set the whole room together in the same theme. But it will be a bit hard to do because sometimes you will end up with having curtains as the compliments instead of matches. That is why whenever you find curtains for bathroom window that suits with your curtain shower, go pick it because this chance is hard to find in your best curtains for bathroom window.

Different Size and Shape in Best Curtains for Bathroom Window

There is a difference in size and shape of your bathroom that needs your consideration. As you have already known and seen, most of the bathrooms have smaller window and for this, a café style curtain can add a splash of color as well as some privacy. This café style should be enough for your small window in your bathroom.

Finally, choosing best curtains for bathroom windows does not have to be a big ordeal. Just know what you want and what you need and you should be done and fine with it. Then, if you find it hard to decide the design and color, just take a bit of your time browsing and looking up to the magazine and you should find the answer.

Going to buy curtain for bathroom window? Please no hustle! Read this first to get best curtains for bathroom window.

Selecting the Right Modern Bathroom Vanities for Your Home

Modern bathroom vanities might take up a lot of space because it is used as storage. In order to make your bathroom looks good, you need to use the right vanity set which can also make your bathroom becomes more beautiful. Here are several suggestion which is special for you to get inspirations and you can make up your mind for your new bathroom.

Choose the vanity set that has the right size as modern bathroom vanities

How small or big the vanity you should use for your bathroom depends on the size of your bathroom. The wider your bathroom, the bigger furniture you can use for your bathroom vanities. That is why it is necessary to measure your bathroom correctly. Make sure you leave enough space for you to move around in your bathroom.

The amount of sink which is available in your bathroom can determine the size of the sets of modern bathroom vanities. A single sink might leave a huge space, but a double sink can also be helpful. Therefore, you need to take consideration on it.


Select modern bathroom vanities that matches your house

You need to be careful in selecting the sets’ design of your bathroom vanities. The design should match your house so that your vanity set will not look out of place. People will also think that your house is a really beautiful one. Since you decided to use modern design for your vanity set, then your house should also use the modern design.

Decide on a colour and material for modern bathroom vanities

Most people think that choosing a color of wooden vanity sets for modern bathroom vanities is hard. In fact, it is easy. All you have to do is look for the right color that goes with your bathroom. Wooden vanity sets are usually brown, because people prefer to keep the original color. The surface is only protected by varnish. Some sets are also painted.

If you have a hard time deciding what color to use, then you can just go with the neutral colors for your bathroom vanities. It goes with every color.

Look at the features of modern bathroom vanities

Make sure that your bathroom vanities are completed with a sink, countertop, and storage space underneath or on top of it. These are all the sets that completed your vanity set. You might want to visit more than one shop to look for these features. That way, you can choose the features which you prefer most. Making modern bathroom vanities might not be easy, but once it is done, you will feel satisfied with your hard work.

Modern bathroom vanities might take up a lot of space, but you won’t regret installing these beautiful furniture.

Few Factors to Consider for Bathroom Storage Cabinets

In fact, today, bathroom storage cabinets do not only have a purpose to store several things but also has decorative purposes. If your whole house is designed one with luxurious style and elegance, it will be better if you also remodel your bathroom.

Storage spaces like shelves and cabinets for your bathroom have to be chosen after considering many factors regarding the bathroom. The first aspect to consider is of course the size of the bathroom. Today there are large cabinets of various sizes and shapes and different styles which are able to suit your bathrooms.

Size of bathroom storage cabinets


If they have small size, wall cabinets are much better. In such areas, storage spaces on the walls will provide more space on the floor. Also, if you are sharing the bathroom with another person, you might need to share the cabinet as well, for two shelves whether on the wall or on the floor could make the bathroom congested.

Another aspect to consider about bathroom storage spaces is whether they should have doors or not. This problem depends on the size of the bathroom. In a tiny room, cabinet door will take more space and make your position difficult. So it will be better if you choose a cabinet which does not have a door. But if you have a large bathroom you are able to have a cabinet which has doors because it is more effective in keeping the things in your bathroom.

The number of bathroom storage cabinets

If there are plenty of items you definitely need, you will need a large storage space with shelves and drawers to store items like bathing products, beauty products, make-up products, medicines, toiletries, etc. Similarly, if you need a mirror in the bathroom you would have to consider the space for the mirror while having the cabinets.

Getting the right type of cabinets is quite easy now with so many providers both online and offline. You can easily browse for the ones you want to buy from your home and give your specifications. Most providers would install the cabinets for you as well, making things easier for you. Whether you are planning to get a new bathroom or just remodelling the old one, bathroom storage cabinets is one factor that is required due to the consideration for a neat and beautiful bathroom where you can feel happy and relax.

Before installing bathroom storage cabinets you have to keep these few thins in your mind.

Bathroom Vanity Lights of Decorating

Good vanity lighting will not only beautify and enhance your bathroom decor, but will also let you see the importance of the bathroom itself. For example, most women will feel sad when they know their make-up is not really nice just because they wear makeup in poor lighting conditions. It proves that vanity lighting fixtures you choose should be flattering and not jarring to lighten the room. You have to emphasize your bathroom vanity lights carefully to make the bathroom has a different style.

Actually, the lamp has a big role to set your bathroom whether you want to apply traditional or modern style on it. The lamp is the best and the easiest way to make traditional style in your bathroom decor by giving traditional lamps. As the same of traditional style, if you want to decorate your bathroom with the modern style, you will also need a series of lamp which will make your bathroom becomes so beautiful. Here are some choices of bathroom vanity lights:

Strip bathroom vanity lights


If you still get confused in deciding the perfect vanity lighting for your bathroom, then simply you can find an extensive range of bath vanity lights and other bathroom lighting fixtures on the Internet. Choose fixtures that you feel suit on your bathroom, you can order what you like and then change your bathroom with the perfect lighting.

Shadow free bathroom vanity lights

The most important aspect of shadow free lighting is increasing visual clarity and providing shadow-free light for ease of personal taste.

You also can have vertical fixtures or sconces mounted light on either side of the mirror are best for makeup and shaving. Be sure about the position of the light to balance equal light on both sides of the face. Bathroom fixtures should have translucent shades to diffuse light, and exposed bulbs should be frosted to cut glare.

Ambient Lighting of bathroom vanity lights

Depending on the size of the bathroom, you may also need accent or ambient lighting to create a soft glow around the room’s perimeter for a perfect sanctuary.

When you’re going to choose bathroom vanity lights, make sure that they can be mixed well with the bathroom fixtures that already exist. Primitive home décor is something that has captured many attentions. If you want to reflect traditional style in your bathroom lighting so you do not need much bathroom vanity lights.

Decorating your bathroom? Use these bathroom vanity lights to beautify your bathroom and get a marvelous room.

How to Choose Bathroom Window Curtains

What comes to your mind if you hear the word bathroom? Let me guess. For some people there might be the words like clean, neat, dry, health, and beauty. But for some, there might be dirty, wet, full of bacteria, etc. I guarantee you, who read this article, do not want to mention the second words don’t you? I am sure that all of you are smart people who always want every single part of your house to be clean, especially the bathroom (where any kind of bacteria can grow there.) One way to make your bathroom look clean and beautiful is by decorating it, like adding bathroom window curtains as the accessories. Well, we will give you some tips how to choose bathroom window curtains so your bathroom will always look clean and beautiful.

Know Your Bathroom Window Curtains Budget


Budget is very important in choosing bathroom window curtains. You will not decorate your bathroom beautifully, but finally you regret about that much money that you have spent, right? Thus, before deciding to choose which one you will put in your bathroom window, it will be better if you check your purse first. You should choose curtains with good material, at least, the washable material. In addition, do not think that the good curtain is the one which has the highest price. Remember, you will not put that window curtain forever in your bathroom. Periodically, you may change it to get the new atmosphere.

Pay Attention to the Bathroom Window Curtains’ Material and Design

A bathroom is usually not only for yourself. It means that there are people out there who may use your bathroom. Probably your guests, relatives, or whoever comes to your house. Thus, the appearance will matter at this point. A good looking bathroom will make people feel comfortable using your bathroom. There are many kinds of bathroom window curtains, like polyester, vinyl, cotton, or decorative. Vinyl and plastic can be cleaned directly, while cotton should be washed. There are also dozen types of the curtains’ design. You can choose any pattern, color, and shape that you want. What you need to do is matching the pattern, color, and the shape with the concept of your house.

Consider to Buy Liners for the Bathroom Window Curtains

Some bathroom window curtains are covered with a water resistant layer, but it usually gives mark to the cotton. As the result, your window curtain will look dirty. To solve this problem, buy liners to separate the water splashes and the curtain. Nowadays there are also anti-fungi liners sold in the market which will make your bathroom even cleaner than before.

Those are the three tips that we can inform you to choose your bathroom window curtains. First, prepare your budget. Second, pay attention to the material and design. The last, consider to buy some liners to protect your curtain from water or dirt. By using bathroom window curtains your bathroom will be better looking, so you or other people out of your family will not feel disgusted with your bathroom. Hopefully the information above is useful for you.

This article gives you tips on choosing the right bathroom window curtains for your very own bathroom. Read it!