5 Cheap Dining room decorating Ideas

The common misconception is, you have to spend a lot of money on dining room decoration to make it look stunning. Well, that is not true. If you want to be a little bit creative, you can modify your dining room like magic. There are lots of dining room decorating ideas, inexpensive ways you can try.


Mom’s old China

It can be interesting if you have a set of beautiful china. Do not store it away, put it on display. Displaying china in a cabinet is a great option for dining room decorating ideas. If you do not have any china, antique stores usually sell chinas. You can also hang them on the wall in decorative pattern. China plate can also used for displaying fruit like apples or bananas, then put it on the table.


You can also put on a curtain for your dining room decorating ideas. Sew your old silk or used bed sheets, make it into patchwork then put them on. You do not need to buy a new curtain. Neutral colors will look good for dining room window, or you can match it with your wall color.

Wall Scones

One of the most popular dining room decorating ideas is installing wall scones. Wall scones is popular for dining room lighting as it can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It is available in a wide variety, from the modern style to Asian style that shaped like bamboo lantern, so it gives you more possibilities to express your personal style.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants are good dining room decorating ideas. Try to keep succulent in your dining room. Cactus is also interesting to be placed near the window or on the top of your refrigerator. They do not need a lot of water, so it will not make your dining room dirty. You can also put some roses or fresh flowers on your dining table.

Placemat and tablecloth

Do not forget the placemat and the tablecloth! Placemat, besides the functions, it can decorate your dining table. These dining room decorating ideas is interesting because tablecloth is pretty cheap and give you a pretty dramatic effect to your dining room. This means, you can start keeping some colors of tablecloth and placemats for your dining room. Neutral colors for formal dinners or thanksgiving dinner, pastel colors for summer. Placemats are now sold in various styles and colors so you can combine them with your tablecloth.

Dining room decorating ideas does not have to be expensive, with limited budget and little time in weekend you can make your dining room look good.

Want to decorate your dining room affordably? We have several dining room decorating ideas that won’t drain your budget.

These are about Waterproof Bathroom Window Coverings

In order to have waterproof bathroom window coverings, it does not mean that there will be no light which is able to enter your bathroom through the windows. Even though you are making waterproof window coverings, there are several ways to make it without having to sacrifice the light. Some of the ways are also inexpensive.

Acrylic and Glass Windows of waterproof bathroom window coverings

If you wish to obstruct the view of your bathroom, using acrylic and glass window treatment will be a good option. Unfortunately, using these treatments might cause block-windows. It means that you will not be able to open your bathroom window. Therefore, you need to think of a solution for your waterproof window coverings. The solution may be found in using ventilation.


Opaque Glass of waterproof bathroom window coverings

This is one of the best options for waterproof window coverings. It allows sunlight to enter the bathroom, but at the same time it keeps the privacy of the user of the bathroom.

Stained Glass of waterproof bathroom window coverings

This treatment of waterproof bathroom window coverings is a quite high-priced treatment. Even though it is quite expensive, using stained glass treatment is very stylish. However, if you find this treatment is too expensive, you can always use the second choice. It is to use faux glass. It appears that faux glass has the same features as stained glass, but the price is cheaper than stained glass.

Those are the excellent window treatment. However, if you wish to use your current clear glass window, you may always use other treatments for your waterproof window coverings.

Types of waterproof bathroom window coverings

You should consider avoiding the use of wood for your waterproof window coverings. The reason is that the woods that are used in your bathroom will get wet and by the time passes, it will be cracked and swelled. The moisture of the water will be absorbed by the wood and caused those things to happen. Therefore, you should look for other options that are better than wood. For example is using aluminium or vinyl. Both of these options offer a very excellent feature.

Styles and Colors of waterproof bathroom window coverings

Styles and colors for your waterproof window coverings are available in any styles and colors. For example is yellow, lime, blue, or beige. Therefore, you may choose which one you like most. However, you must remember one very important thing. The textures and colors that you pick should go to your bathroom. Also remember to open up the window blinds so that the fresh air will flow into your room.

There are other options which you may consider for your waterproof bathroom window coverings if you think that the above options are not suitable for you.

If you want to install waterproof bathroom window coverings, you should read this article first to get the best result.

Learn About Bungalow House Plans

Bungalow house plans. I guess only some of you are interested in this type of house plan. Well, I tell you that bungalow house plans are now getting popular and returning as a desired home style. As we are living in the world where it is getting hard to find space, that is why, the house plans for bungalow come as a problem solver as it does not require a big space to be built. The original house plans for bungalow are quite small and only a single storey in height. However, today bungalows are more convenient for living and also for a family due to the idea you can include partial second floors or loft areas on it.

Why Bungalow House Plans?


The only thing that people decide to choose this type of home style is that having all the main living areas on one floor which is claimed to be more convenient as you can grab everything in only a second. The absence of the stairs will be such a good idea for those who are aging or have a disability or confined to a wheelchair. As we know that stairs to be a nightmare for those people. Thus, bungalow house plans seem to be a perfect choice if only you have a family with this disability.

Designs of Bungalow House Plans

Bungalow house plans come in a wide range of sizes from small and large. The smaller house plans for bungalow will be designed with strict as it should use all the space as efficiently as it can. Then, another thing that it should be simple and functional in order to maximize all the facilities inside the house. The good thing of having smaller house plans for bungalow is that it does not require difficult maintenance and lot considerations. If you are new in the family or just starting it, it is a good idea to have a bungalow as your living space. That is why; it is often called to be “starter” home living.

Next, we have the larger bungalow. The larger bungalow is suitable for grown families. The larger bungalow commonly includes more elaborate spaces in which to entertain, relax or engage in family activities such as mini gyms, game rooms, home theaters and hobby spaces. That is why, this type of house plans for bungalow is now very popular in recent years due to the fact it can accommodate all the living needs in only simple house plans. Finally, all these conveniences that you can get from bungalow house plans do not cost you much money and low in maintaining cost.

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The Top Three Benefits of a Luxury House Plans

There are some benefits in having a luxury house plans which includes some features. Three of them are having an environmentally friendly home, a house that suits the owner, and a service that respects the owner’s idea of the project. With these three features combined, the owner will be happy to live in the house. Here are further explanations of the features.

Environmentally Friendly Design of luxury house plans


Environmentally friendly design means that the materials used in building the house will be an ecological material. It will not consist of toxic which will bring negative impact to the environment. Most people are looking for this kind of design because they want to contribute to make a sustainable planet.

Homes that are qualified have passed the environmental tests and are guaranteed to minimize energy wastes are those which are Energy Star Qualified. Not only it will be beneficial to the environment, but it will also save costs by keeping the harsh elements out while the heating and cooling stays in. This can be achieved through a variety of methods. For example is the usage of energy efficient window panes and appliances that are able to conserve energy.

A Home Suited to the Individual of luxury house plans

It is important to have a home that suits the owner, because it will guarantee his/her comfort living in the house. Each owner might have different characteristics. Some might be an extroverted or a social individual. That is why there can be many types of preferences. For example is some might prefer to have a yoga studio which is light by the morning sunlight and others might prefer to have his/her entire house in a complete darkness.

A service that is able to design the house in a way that suits the owner is definitely a good service. For example is a home plan designer that knows exactly what kind of house will suit the owner will be able to design a floor plan that harmonizes the owner with the environment. This method might seem useless, but according to the owner, it is not. The owner will feel comfortable staying in the house.

Clients are an Integral Part of the Process luxury house plans

This method allows the owner of the house to know how far is the development of the house. The architect will keep in touch with the client and invite him/her to see the concept design and the 3D AutoCAD working drawings. This will show the client how his/her house will look like when it is done. Clients consider this as a great opportunity for a discussion and feedback.

Combining all those three features is very important in having a luxury house plans. The client will be delighted to know that he/she is going to live in a great house.

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In the Mood for Eating: Light Fixtures Dining Room

Besides living room, dining room can be an interesting spot to gather with your family. After work and school, breakfast and Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner and other dining events – dining room is one of the busiest places in most houses. This means that the interior design of your dining room is pretty important, considering the fact that your family members, guests, relatives or colleagues will meet you in this place. One of interesting ideas in making your dining room more stunning is light fixtures dining room.  It contributes a great deal in enhancing your dining room interior design. Warm, welcoming, or cozy atmosphere can be conferred through lighting. On the other side, wrong lighting (is it color and location) can make your dining room feels cold, dark and uninviting. The difficulty will increase when your dining room is located in the same space with a kitchen. If you want to create a comfortable atmosphere for a hectic kitchen and cozy dining room, you will need to think and plan your lighting carefully.


Wall Sconces, the “new dining room fixture sweetheart”

You might be thinking that the ceiling fixture is so two thousand late. Light fixtures dining room that takes form in the overhead ceiling fixture, a chandelier or a modern large-scale drum shade pendant was cute, but now there are more alternatives in installing pendants that you surely need to look up. For small space or eat-in kitchen, pendant lights can be arranged in a way that able to provide plenty of lighting and remain interesting and give appealing effects of the space. You can stagger them in a group consists three pendants, or five and seven, then put them in different heights. Installing them in a straight line would also perfect for a rectangular dining table.

Light fixtures dining room tricks

Light fixtures dining room tricks can also be done by using the wall sconces. Wall sconces ability to diffuse light throughout the space or are directed upward is a perfect choice for dining rooms, especially the small size dining rooms. Wall sconces do not take up the valuable floor space and they can add a beautiful visual accent without adding more furniture that will take more spaces. As wall sconces now come in various shapes, sizes, colors, styles and finishes. You can match the wall sconces with your style and other furniture in your dining room.

Here’s another trick on lighting fixtures for dining room: you can trick the size of your dining room by incorporating a small console table or probably a buffet table into your dining room. You can install small table lamps on the both sides of this table to create a warm atmosphere. Combine them with other sources of lights, such as pendant lights or candles for special dinners. Whatever your style, you can start eating with a better mood, only by installing a good light fixtures dining room.

Enhancing your dining room interior design with light fixtures dining room, a great way of getting it done!

Finding the Best Curtains for Bathroom Window

Bathroom is one of the most important places in a home that should exist. You cannot say that you have owned a home if the existence of the bathroom is not right there. As people commonly did, there will be at least one bathroom in all homes in that you can find in the world, with an exception. Then, when the idea comes to decorate it, you might have a limited access because almost there are not a lot of things you can do to decorate the bathroom. Well, curtains should be one of the things on the list that you can retouch. That is why; getting the best curtains for bathroom window can really help your room stand out.

Bathroom is so small. It is aimed to be designed simple and functional. So that I can say that the existence of the window itself really stands out and in this article, you will be given some of ideas to choose the best curtains for bathroom window so that it gives your bathroom really good atmosphere and you will spend sometimes of your life or even start your day in the bathroom.

Match Your Best Curtains for Bathroom Window with Shower Curtain


This is one of the easiest ways to do. You can just simply match your curtain window with your shower curtain. This idea will help set the whole room together in the same theme. But it will be a bit hard to do because sometimes you will end up with having curtains as the compliments instead of matches. That is why whenever you find curtains for bathroom window that suits with your curtain shower, go pick it because this chance is hard to find in your best curtains for bathroom window.

Different Size and Shape in Best Curtains for Bathroom Window

There is a difference in size and shape of your bathroom that needs your consideration. As you have already known and seen, most of the bathrooms have smaller window and for this, a café style curtain can add a splash of color as well as some privacy. This café style should be enough for your small window in your bathroom.

Finally, choosing best curtains for bathroom windows does not have to be a big ordeal. Just know what you want and what you need and you should be done and fine with it. Then, if you find it hard to decide the design and color, just take a bit of your time browsing and looking up to the magazine and you should find the answer.

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Five Fun Paint Ideas For Bedrooms

So, you have a willingness to modify the look of your room, especially your children’s bedrooms? But, do you know to do it? If you hire someone else to paint your children’s bedroom, then it will cost much. So, what are you going to do now? There are some fun paint ideas for bedrooms that you can do.


Paint Ideas for Bedrooms Using Words, Murals, and Sketches

Perhaps, you never think that decorating the walls with words can change the way it looks. The background color of your children bedroom’s walls can be kept well. Also, there are several different ways when you use paint ideas for bedrooms using the words. You may do it using beautiful pictures with words, or you may use the words which are designed beautifully. And even, you can combine the two techniques when you use this idea. Your children will love them. After you use the words on the walls, the next fun paint ideas for bedrooms you can use is murals. You can paint different murals onto the walls of your children’s bedrooms. They can modify the look and feel of a bedroom dramatically and can make your children’s bedroom become a fantasy world literally. Besides, you can also use the sketches. Sketching is one of the greatest paint ideas for your children’s bedrooms. If you can draw some pictures or write words using pencils, then your children will love their bedrooms because there are some beautiful pictures and/or words in their bedrooms. You may show up your talent anyway.

Paint Ideas for Bedrooms Using Themes and Magnetic Paint

When you’re painting your children’s bedrooms, of course you can always have a theme. Paint ideas for bedrooms using themes can make the theme easier to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. If you choose a theme before you start with drawing some pictures, then you can draw the pictures much better because you have a focal point you should do. In addition to using themes, you can also use magnetic paint. There are many different ways you can use to paint your children’s bedrooms. And the magnetic paint is one of the coolest things you can do with wall paint. Not only are you happy, but your children are also happy to have a beautiful bedroom with magnetic paint on the wall. So, if you want to paint your children’s bedroom, you may use these five fun paint ideas.

Thingking of repainting your bedroom? Here in this article you’ll find several fun paint ideas for bedrooms.

Smart Small Kitchen Design Ideas enhance your living space.

Having a small kitchen does not mean that you can have an elegant kitchen in your house. Whit a smart kitchen furniture arrangement and design, we can enhance your living space.

These recommended small kitchen design ideas below could be your inspirations in creating a great kitchen. This might help your cramped kitchen looks much larger.A kitchen has so many design options. You can choose your kitchen floor, wall paint, cabinets and the layout of the kitchen. A good arrangement of those kitchen features may be helpful to create a small beautiful kitchen.


Small Kitchen Design Ideas: The Layout and Ceiling

The bone of the kitchen is the layout. You have to choose a smart and appropriate layout. Make sure you choose the best practices and suitable layout for your kitchen.A Gallery or a walk through layout design is one best layout for a small kitchen. Gallery layouts efficiently for not leave any unused spaced. With gallery layout you can maximize the efficiency and make a clever pantry storage cabinet. A one-wall layout is also a good idea for a small space kitchen. It will give much more free space; looks simple but large enough for two or three people in the kitchen. The simple elegant layout will totally be efficient in such a narrow place.

You can also taller the ceiling of your kitchen or house. It will make the kitchen look bigger and give more spaces for the air. Since the space is tight, you can vertically make more space and make use of it to put things above your cabinets.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas: Painting and reflective surfaces.

There are many ways to make your small kitchen look bigger visually. Choosing the right paint that can give a bigger place effect.Color can give a huge impact to the space. Soft and cooler color usually work well in giving such larger space. Soft blue color creates illusion of space in small kitchen A good choice of paint adds some beauty to the your lovely kitchen wall and cabinets. Don’t forget to get enough bright. So it can illuminate the whole room.

The other way is by hanging a reflective surface such as a big mirror on the one side of the wall. The reflections of the mirror will give an illusion of more space. However, don’t force it if there is no enough space to hang it. Insisting to install a mirror in such narrow place can also give a bad impact. You can try those Small kitchen Design Ideas previously mentioned. Hopefully it can help you to create a smart small kitchen.

How to get a great small kitchen that really fits our small rooms? Here are small kitchen design ideas for you.

Decorating Your Bedroom Using Beach Theme Bedroom

Thousands of people today are decorating their bedrooms using beach theme bedroom. Do you know? They think that it this theme can make them feel a touch of beach. So, do you want to decorate your bedroom using this beautiful theme? If you want to make your bedroom look more beautiful using this theme, there are some things you can do when decorating your bedroom: applying pictures related to beach, painting your bedroom wall with colors of beach, adding some furnishings related to beach, and many more.

Applying Pictures to Beach Theme Bedroom


When you decorate your own bedroom using beach theme bedroom, the first thing that you can do is to apply some pictures which are related to the beach. Perhaps, you may have many favorite beaches, but you should choose one beach that you like most. For example, if you like a beach in Hawaii, you can apply some pictures when you were there. Plus, you can add your family members’ or your friends’ photos. By doing this, you will recall your past sweet memories with your family members and/or your friends. Also, you may put some pictures of the condition of the beach itself. Applying some pictures of yours when you were at the beach can create a beach-themed bedroom.

Painting Your Bedroom Wall Using Beach Theme Bedroom

Once you have finished putting some pictures of yours, the next thing that you can do to create a beach-themed bedroom is to paint your bedroom wall using beach-themed colors. There are many beautiful colors which are related to a beach. If you don’t know what the colors are, you can browse the internet and find as much information about beach-themed colors as possible. For suggestion, you may use bluish color for your bedroom wall. Many people use this color when they want to decorate their bedrooms using beach theme bedroom. They think that this color is soft and calm. If you like another color, you may apply it to your bedroom wall. Make sure, however, that the color you like is still related to the beach since you are using beach theme bedroom. When it comes to painting your bedroom wall with beach-themed colors, you may combine more than one color. For example, you may combine bluish and white colors when you are painting your bedroom wall. After you finish painting your bedroom wall, you can enjoy the beach atmosphere and sleep soundly in your own bedroom. So, are you interested in decorating your bedroom using beach theme?

Interested in beach theme bedroom? Here we got the way to go with it. Read!